Green Planet Ethics About Us

We decided to try and help the cause and started this site on 1/10/2010, with the intent of raising awareness and educating people on how to live a greener lifestyle. After following many of these principles most of my life, I decided it was time to share some of these with everyone, and spread the word. This isn’t about money or fame to me, but about saving our planet and our way of life, so to speak, but a little money would help to run the site and keep our project going, so donations will be accepted. Although we all need to make major changes in our lifestyles, we don’t necessarily have to change that much. What we do need to do is be smarter about what we do, and how we do it, and think of the consequences for our actions for everything we do. This will be a challenge but it is very possible to accomplish once we set our minds to it. The time for debate is over, and the planet itself has spoken loud and clear, and if we truly want to avoid far worse conditions then the time to act is now! Not 5 years from now, not next week, but today! Do we really want to leave the our ancestors, if there will even be any our legacy of neglect, arrogance, greed and disregard to our entire planets and populations well being in the quest for money, super inflated egos, material things and goods. Now that is one legacy I wish to avoid, how about you? Join us in our quest to help the planet, ourselves, our loved ones and those that come after us. Let’s at least make the effort and fight the good fight in our quest to save the planet! Peace my friends, Brian

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