Alternative Wall Coverings


Maybe not exactly what you had in mind, but the options are limitless!

These days, the creative, individualized look is in. Do-it-yourself projects that are eco-friendly are hip and modern. So if you’ve wanted to cover your walls with something a little different, now’s the time!

There are a lot of interesting wall covering materials available nowadays. And you don’t have to use a “proper” wall covering purchased from a store; you can use materials you have on hand. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities and their costs and durability.

1. Papyrus

This ancient Egyptian paper can be purchased in sheets of various sizes. The larger the size, the greater the cost – a sheet about 2 feet x 3 feet costs around $7. It is said to be quite durable and lends a mysterious air to a room.

2. Cork

A thicker wall covering than paper, cork is a cozy-looking wall covering that is fairly durable, but subject to damage from being bumped or gouged. It is fairly expensive at $325 to $450 for a 3×60-foot roll.

3. Recycled paper

Some commercial wall papers are made from recycled paper. But if you really want to save money and get creative, recycle paper yourself by using it to cover your walls. Some ideas of recycled paper wall coverings include:

* Newspaper – use the comics or newspapers from other countries, or headlines only; the wall’s the limit on this one!

* Photos – print photos out on paper and cover your wall with them; or dig out those paper photos sitting in boxes in your closet and paste them to the wall.

* Magazines can provide beautiful, colorful wall coverings in any theme you choose.

* Brown paper bags can make a really lovely, textured wall covering that can be stained to look like leather.

* Postcards – create a wall of memories with a postcard wall covering.

* Business cards, if you have enough of them, can make a unique and fun wall covering.

* Encyclopedias are obsolete, but you can use their pages to cover a wall. What an informative wall that would be!

* Holiday cards can make a festive wall cover, and make good use of those cards that are too beautiful to throw out but too numerous to keep.

4. Rice paper

Rice paper is surprisingly durable and washable, and comes in a variety of colors. It is affordable at around $25 for a 39×94-inch roll.

5. Fabric

Using fabric to cover walls is a fairly easy way to create a panel that can then be mounted to the wall. The price of this sort of wall cover will vary enormously, depending on the fabric you use. If you use an old sheet, your cost will be nil. You can dress up an old sheet with dyeing techniques like tie-dye or batik.

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