Atomic Clock Official Time How to Get The Official Time on Your Computer

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Are your clocks okay? Find out how to check computer clock here!

The atomic clock official time for the U.S. has issued the following “Due to the high amount of traffic at the The Official U.S. Time Web Site from daylight savings time transition to standard time, the time widget has been temporarily placed in place of the time zone map”. The folks at World Time Server.Com also can help you to look up accurate times from around the world, and you can use Atomic Clock Synchronization to keep your local computer clock accurate too. For military times from the US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time which will give you the correct time for all US time zones including Hawaii-Aleutian Time, and also the Universal UTC time. You need to refresh this page as it is not using AJAX, and it doesn’t adjust the times once the page has loaded, so it only gives you the exact time when the page was loaded. These clocks are the wave of the future though (Atomic Clocks), of the precision and the automatic time adjustments. There are plenty of software downloads to help you sync with one of these official clocks, but you really don’t need them, as most, if not all Operating Systems have built in synchronizers to the official government clocks, or others recognized as official clock and time keepers.

Computer clocks are typically adjusted automatically, but if it is not, you can adjust this yourself. For most operating systems, if you right click on the time or go to the control panel and look for the Date and Time selection in the Clock, Region and Language Category, and click set Date and Time. To sync with clocks from the Internet, click the Internet Time tab on the Date and Time Window, and click change settings, then select a server to sync with, and then you can click the update now button which will automatically synchronize your computer to a local Atomic Clock and get the official time from the server. Please note that you must also make sure that you have the proper time zone selected or you will still have the wrong time, even after proper synchronization. To adjust or check the current zone, from the Date and Time Window, on the lower half of the window will be a section called Time Zone which allows you to see the current time zone settings for your computer, and has a button to change your official zone setting. If your time zone is not correct, you need to click on the Change Time Zone button and you will get another window where you can select from the existing list of the official zones from around the world.

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