Aumsville Oregon Aumsville Tornado in Oregon Rare Signs of Things to Come

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Aumsville Oregon Aumsville Tornado in Oregon Rare Signs of Things to Come We can Hope For the Best OR Continue To Fight Against Climate Change!

A rare occurrence in Aumsville Oregon as an Aumsville Tornado in Oregon struck at 11:40 AM PST and lasted for about 5 minutes. The rare twister damaged or destroyed multiple buildings in the town, according to city officials. The small city is approximately 12 miles southeast of Salem, Oregon, in Marion County. Local chapters of the American Red Cross responded to the disaster and assisted at least six families whose homes were either too damaged or lost. They also set up several emergency shelters for those who are in need.

According to the National Weather Service, it reported that some citizens were trapped inside cars due to power lines on the ground, but no injuries have been reported yet. The local power company, Pacific Power issued a statement that 5,600 customers were without power, affecting Aumsville, Scio, Lyons, Stayton, Turnes, Gates and Mill City. The tornadoes path was northwest through town before returning to the skies near Highway 22.

According to the Assistant Chief for nearby Sublimity Fire Department, luckily the only injuries were minor cuts, bumps and bruises, but damage was extensive. According to the Department of Public Works, the most serious damage was centered near Main and 6th Street in town.

Gara Adams, an employee at Neufeldt’s Restaurant on Main Street said patrons were watching the twister from the west facing windows. “We could see the tornado pick up roofing materials, then we saw a trampoline about 30 feet above the church.” She also add live on KOIN Local 6 that “The magnitude of the storm was just very impressive.”

The state Governenr, Ted Kulongoski arrived in Aumsville Oregon before 4 PM, and praised the local emergency response teams and also noted the terrible timing of this natural disaster. He stated that “This happened at the worst time of the year, we’re 11 days away from Christmas. We would not want any of this to happen to our state but it did.”

There are also concerns from the Governor about the countless homes that have lost shingles because it is supposed to rain this weekend. An employee at Mr. Fixet Appliances, Terry Lindeman labeled many of the homes that were damaged were not livable, while the others are being patched up with tarps of roofs.

Jeff Huntington who works as a veterinary technician at the Aumsville Oregon Animal Clinic, was one block from where the tornado touched down and stated “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

An emergency shelter has been established for those needing shelter at the Bethel Baptist Church at 645 Cleveland Street and at the Mountain View Wesleyan Church at 111 Main Street–or the Aumsville Community Center at 555 Main Street. The American Red Cross also responded to the scene.

Another fickle weather event, probably created by us indirectly. My heart and thoughts go out to the disaster of the Aumsville Tornado Oregon Aumsville Tornado in Oregon, but is this so rare, or signs of things to come? My guess is the later, and the real problem is that Oregon is one of the better states in regards to climate change legislation. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you live, it will affect everyone. I hope our knuckle headed politicians here and across the globe get those images permanently ingrained in their minds for the next Climate Change Summit Talks in South Africa next year! Peace my friends, and God Bless to all of those affected by this disaster!

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