Biodiesel Facts Reasons That You Should Consider Switching to Biodiesel

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Biodiesel Facts Reasons That You Should Consider Switching to it!

Some of the Biodiesel facts are top reasons you should consider switching to Biodiesel (BD), mainly because it is considered a “green” fuel. It is made from plant-based oils such as sunflower, flax, and soybean oils or the ubiquitous “vegetable oil.” But you can’t just pour vegetable oil into your gas tank. BD is a mix of vegetable oil and alcohol (usually ethanol, which is derived from corn). The glycerin inherent in the vegetable oil needs to be separated out, and then the BD must be mixed with the alcohol in the right proportions. You have to have a diesel engine for this green fuel to work.


* Biodiesel is renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, which will eventually run out, BD is plant based, so the source of the oil can be grown again.

* Diesel engines do well with the solvency and lubricating effect of this type of diesel fuel. Therefore, your engine maintenance costs will be less.

* You will save a great deal on fuel. It is also quite cheap. Some people “harvest” the massive amounts of cooking oil that restaurants throw out.

* You can recycle your household cooking oil and use it in your car or truck.

* This fuel is also biodegradable, which means it will break down in the environment.

* No toxic emissions are produced when this type of fuel is used.

* You can make fuel from local sources. The widespread use of this biodiesel would cut down on the importation of oil from other countries.


* Only diesel-powered vehicles can be converted to biodiesel. You would have to change out your engine if you wanted to convert your gasoline vehicle to a vehicle that uses BD.

* There are concerns that as more people switch to BD, the increased demand could have a negative environmental impact by decreasing biodiversity. More and more farmland will have to be used to grow the crops that produce the oil, meaning less farmland will be available for food crops and other plants.

* You have to make BD yourself, which takes time and can be dangerous.

* If you want to use straight oil without the mixing and separating of prepared BD, you will have to modify your diesel engine by adding a second fuel tank and a heater. Vegetable oil is not liquid enough to start an engine unless it is heated first – a real disadvantage in cold climates.

* When you are on the road, you will have to figure out how to take along enough fuel to sustain your vehicle. Or you need to plan your route so that you can stop by various restaurants and collect their used cooking oil. You still have to filter it and mix it on the road.

We hope that you take into consideration these biodiesel facts which are the primary reasons that you should consider switching to eco-friendly gas!

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