BP Gulf Oil Spill The Cost of Our Dependency on Oil

BP gulf oil spill the cost of our dependency on oil, while oil flows into the gulf faster than our cars, one has to wonder. As of April 28th, 2010 Ian R McDonald, an oceanography professor at Florida State University estimates that 8 to 9 million gallons of oil had already spilled from his examinations of Coast Guard charts and satellite images. It is also estimated that 200,000 gallons are being leaked daily according to a US Coast Guard spokesman.

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New fears are arising that it will continue to grow, and in the last couple of days the slick on the water has tripled in size, which may indicate increasing leakage from the well. No one is sure when or how it will be stopped at this point either. At last reports the oil slick is the size of Puerto Rico, which is roughly 3,500 square miles, or the size of Connecticut. The oil is now beginning to wash ashore in several areas.

This BP gulf oil spill is expected to surpass the Exxon Valdez spill within the week. There are more problems with this one though, seeing as the leak is 5,000 feet below the surface. The containment efforts have failed for the most part, and choppy seas are hampering those efforts. The other problem is that it is estimated that there are an estimated 10’s of millions of barrels of oil in those reserves, at 40 gallons per barrel, that is many, many millions of gallons.

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Another expert in the field, professor Ed Overton, of the Louisiana State University and heads a federal chemical hazard assesssment team for oil spills worries that a total collapse of the pipe that leads into the well itself. If that occurs, there is no way to regulate the flow, so slowing down or stopping the leakage becomes far more complex, if not impossible.

All of this may not be of concern to everyone, but there are going to be widespread effects resulting from this spill, some of which may last a long, long time. The primary fears at this time are that it will get into the gulf stream, and head up the Atlantic Coastline, destroying beaches, coastal lands, wildlife, and more in it’s path. Some actually aren’t even saying if, but when. The coastlines of the entire gulf are also at risk, as well as fishing, shrimping, oysters, and other seafood resources as well as the natural habitants of those coastlines. The economies of many coastal communities may also be ruined, or severely hampered by the spill whom rely on tourism and the fishing of the area.

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Some Louisiana residents were angered by BP and claim they are hampering the containment efforts of local fisherman and others willing to help. They claim they are letting the oil company tell the state what to do, claiming they don’t know what BP is waiting on as they didn’t think that the conditions were that bad.

All this just so we can drive around in our cars and spew out greenhouse gases and make our climate warmer, and potentially planet changing. In the meantime we still drive Humvee, Escalades, Navigators, Blazers, Cherokees, etc. so that we can feel safe and good about ourselves, impress the neighbors or girls, or whatever the reason may be. Will our vanity do us in as a society, and a species for that matter? Narcissism running rampant, with egoists leading the masses? As we drive our gas guzzling autos to no end, with no regard to the planet, ourselves, our neighbors, and even our children, that speaks volumes to me about what we have become. Will this be our apocalypse, which has been scrutinized much lately with the coming of 2012?

Our dependency on oil is like an addict dependency on drugs, not willing to change or let go no matter the cost. As this proves, our dependency on oil is far worse than our dependence on foreign oil. Oil is bad, period. It is bad for everything, and should be banned except for the few good products that come from it. The true effects of this spill won’t be known for some time, but it can have far reaching effects. Why do we still insist on using oil as an energy source, albeit it is good for that, but the cost outweighs the benefits. The cost of this spill will rise probably into the trillions of dollars, more than all the oil companies profits combined. The clock is ticking on our poor old planet, and we surely aren’t helping the cause with this latest BP gulf oil spill. When will we, or will we ever learn? Accidents happen, and our dependency on oil and oil rigs and oil tankers sooner or later will result in more oil spills and more ecological and economical devastation.

The time is NOW to cut the cord on our dependency on oil, and make a total concerted effort to rid ourselves of that devil fuel before it does us in literally. Black gold, no, not anymore, now it seems more like the black plague literally. Keep it buried where it belongs, out of harms way, and human hands, before we create another planet killing event, only this time by our own doing.

On a brighter note, one good thing may come of the BP gulf oil spill and our dependency on oil , it may finally convince enough of us that oil is a very bad thing, and push us wholeheartedly towards a better future without oil, and not just a half assed effort with a scattering of supporters here and there. Peace, and take a bus, the train, or carpool this week, and start ridding ourselves of that devil of all products, oil!

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