Breast Milk Healing Powers

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Breast Milk Healing Powers

Breast Milk healing powers are alot, and it is truly absolutely amazing stuff. It can’t be duplicated in formulas, and it has components whose relevance modern science has still not figured out. You may have heard that it is healthy for your baby, but did you know it could also heal?

Breast milk has antibacterial properties. Thus, it can be applied to various types of topical and even internal infections. Here are some things to think about regarding the healing power of this excellent resource.

* Eye or eyelid infections in baby, child or adult can be cleared up with it. A few drops in each eye several times a day will fight the infection.

* Ear infections have been effectively treated with it. Treat the milk like an antibiotic ear drop (which it is!) – a few drops in each ear several times a day.

* It also provides antibodies to boost baby’s immunity every time he or she nurses. Sick babies often need to nurse more, so be sure to follow your baby’s cues and give his or her immune system what it needs.

* The suckling action of breastfeeding helps develop the muscles in the face and jaw, encouraging correct alignment and strength. Bottle-feeding does not produce the same results.

* Minor cuts and scrapes can be soothed with it, and its antibacterial properties help with healing. Rub a drop or two into a cut or scrape and allow to air-dry before putting on a band aid or other cover.

* Diaper rash can also be treated with it as well. Rub some of it gently into the area of the rash and let it dry before re-diapering.

* Babies who are breastfed are less likely to develop childhood leukemia.

* Incidents of heart disease and high blood pressure are lower among adults who were breastfed as babies.

* Skin can also benefit from it. Rubbing it gently into acne-prone areas can clear up pimples. Eczema can benefit from topical applications of it as well. And this milk softens and moistens skin. Some even claim that it works as a make-up remover!

* While it is more a result of the hormonal effects of nursing than the milk itself, it is worth noting that women who breastfeed their babies are less likely to develop breast cancer. The longer you nurse, the better the protection.

* Donated milk has been used to successfully treat a host of infant disorders, such as failure to thrive, kidney failure, metabolic problems, and diarrhea. Immune system diseases such as severe allergies have been treated with breast milk ingestion as well.

* Chronic adult disorders of the intestine, such as ulcerative colitis, have responded positively to it.

No cow’s milk or formula can do all of these things!

We hope that Breast Milk healing powers enlightens you as to the many other uses for this valuable natural milk!

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