Cancun Climate Summit Talks Being Undermined By Largest Polluters

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Cancun Climate Summit Talks Being Undermined By Largest Polluters

As climate disasters pummel the planet, the largest polluters are trying to weaken a global climate treaty in the Cancún Climate Summit Talks.

You won’t believe the diversity of delegates that come up to us and thank us for the work that you all are doing. Many of them are from countries on the front lines of the climate crisis–the very countries that are working hard for an ambitious climate treaty that can get the world back down below 350ppm. In fact the latest draft of the negotiating text includes a 350 target!

In the real world the impacts of climate change are already visible, and since the summit began 10 days ago, there have been floods, wildfires, and freak winter storms, leaving hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more affected by these unnatural events. The problem lies in the fact that the climate is changing much faster than anyone had anticipated, and much faster than the negotiations are currently moving, and much faster than we can get a grip on our emissions. I heard someone from the US no doubt last night talking about getting 14 coal mines back online because global warming is a natural phenomenon and not man made. What a clown, he is the Governor of West Virginia by the way I believe. I will post an article on the whole lack of respect, commitment, and effort on the part of the US government for any Climate Treaty deals tomorrow.

But ambitious, science-based targets like 350ppm might still get cut. The bloc of ambitious countries pushing for a 350 target are under tremendous pressure by the biggest polluters to remove strong emissions targets altogether. Unless there is a global outpouring of solidarity in support of these small countries who are taking a bold stance, we might end up with a watered-down and ineffective climate deal.

The good news: a block of ambitious countries continue to push 350 as a global goal for the international deal. The bad news: strong targets like 350 might be taken out unless there is a global outpouring of support and solidarity.

Can you take a minute to show your solidarity with these bold countries? We’ll deliver your messages of support directly to delegates here in Cancún, and let them know the world is standing with them: Show Your Solidarity

This movement has always been about solidarity–and we are incredibly grateful to be a part of it and to you for being a part of it too! Let’s put the Can Do back in the Cancun Climate Summit Treaty Talks!

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