Cancun Climate Summit Talks Doomed According to EU President WikiLeaks Cables

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Cancun Climate Summit Talks Doomed to Fail According to EU President From WikiLeaks Cables

According to the new EU President, Herman van Rompuy, the Cancun Climate talks will be a disaster, and has voiced relief that he stayed away from the Copenhagen summit one year ago. He also dismissed the Copenhagen Climate summit as an ‘incredible disaster’, and expects the current Cancun Climate summit to be no better.

Shortly after being elected as the first president of the European council, a senior US Diplomat described the Belgian as “animated and frustrated”. He also had referred the the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen last year as “an incredible disaster”, and later predicted the same results from the current Cancun Climate summit climate change negotiations. With the EU trying to brand itself the world pioneer in combating global warming and climate change, his first EU summit this year in February amounted to nothing more than a obituary for the Copenhagen talks. With the US and China both snubbing there noses at the talks in Copenhagen, they delivered a hard felt smack in the face of the EU’s self-esteem and overall status among other world governments from which they are still trying to recover.

Van Rompuy has been described after the Copenhagen conference that being bitter, and complaining vehemently that the Europeans were “mistreated and totally excluded” in the talks and that he was happy that he did not attend the talks. He also stated that “Had I been there in my presidency would have been over before it began.”

Publicly the EU is trying to raise hope for the cause and reviving climate change agreement hopes in the Cancun climate talks, but following last years talks in Copenhagen, Van Rompuy was seen as both dismissive and pessimistic about both Cancun Climate summit and the entire format structure for the talks. He claims that he has given up on the talks in Mexico, and likened this years climate change treaty negotiations as that of seeing a repeat of a bad movie. The format of the talks is a big problem for the EU President, as he claims that the format is unwieldy, and has too many players involved. He was focusing on an effort to obtain an EU and American breakthrough as a summit planned for last May, but did not happen.

He has been quoted as saying that “multilateral meetings will not work, rather than waiting for failure at Mexico City he intends to address the Copenhagen issues with the US at Madrid”, where the talks with the US would have to focus on Madrid, and not Mexico City. He also envisions engaging with China after wards. Later, the Copenhagen disaster was further compounded by Barack Obama’s blow off of Spain’s pleads for a visit to Madrid for a EU – American summit in May.

So from the looks of things, it is politics as usual for the US, as it’s all talk and promising, some greenwashing, and that’s about the extent of it. We can’t come to any agreements over our own energy or global warming policies, much less try to lead the world. There are further reports of the US manipulating the talks, and purportedly bullying and threatening other nations to vote with us instead of against us. This does not surprise me in any form, as the way we currently engage in local politics must speak volumes about the way we handle international politics. More will be posted about this tomorrow.

This comes at a time when we are on the brink of no return, and is not a way for a supposed ‘World Leader” to act or behave. Our dinosaur politicians, with a never ending thirst for big cars and oil need to go. Our old habits must go, politics in general must be reshaped and laws changed to keep Wall Street from running global warming, as I think we can all know what to expect from that. The time we are in can be considered the biggest time in mankind’s history, whether we rise to the occasion and get a grip on global warming, or we just go the way of the dinosaurs. It is up to us, and this time should be considered a great opportunity to truly become a climate changer, not a climate denier. We can create new jobs, new careers, new paths to follow, and do it on a large scale, not an adhoc network of this and that with no design or plan. We will run out of oil within the next 50 years anyways, so what is the major malfunction here anyways. What are they going to do when all the oil is gone, or it is $1,000 bucks a gallon.

To really be a world leader, we need to think ahead of the game, and not take it as it comes. It is already way to late in the game to be playing catchup, which is what we are doing. We should be striving towards a better future for all, not a few select stockholders. We can revamp economies, restructure the entire financial systems. Money is only paper my friend, and with the way things are going, since Wall Streets last attempted total destruction of the world economy, the whole entire world’s economy may still fail, it isn’t entirely out of the question. Then what are all these clowns going to do with their worthless money. This is what is really at stake here with climate change, and everything else for that matter, and it boils down to two things, money and power. Global warming unfortunately takes a back seat to anything that has to do with money and, or power.

I’d really like to come back to this planet in 200 years and see if we have evolved, and finally gotten rid of our dependence on greed and power, and if we can truly take our existence to the next level and become more altruistic and a more utilitarian society, rather than egoist, which seems to be the norm today. So the Cancun Climate talks probably won’t go as well as we would hope, but we can keep going with our cause, and despite our own leaders (insert what you will here) half hearted attempts at feigning to care. We can overcome and do this on our own, we don’t need politicians to do this for us, and we will one day put these politicians (insert what you like here too) out of work permanently. Let’s see how they like long term unemployment and losses of benefits!

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