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Hazardous Disposal Recycling Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous Disposal Recycling Hazardous Waste, and we all know by now that recycling is a good thing, but recycling hazardous waste (or trying to) can be just as hazardous as throwing them in the trash. Here are some tips for the disposal of hazardous waste. 1. Contact your local solid waste authority, environmental protection agency, …

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Should recycling be made mandatory nationally?

Many areas in the United States are shipping their garbage into other states because there just isn’t enough space at the landfills anymore. Would creating a mandatory recycling program be a good idea? This question has nothing to do with a free society or not. It has everything to do with fixing a growing problem …

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How to Stop Junk Mail No Littering For Our Environment

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How to stop junk mail no littering for our environment, ahhh, junk mail – all those unwanted credit card solicitations, flyers, and requests for money – is a bother. It is also an environmentally-destructive practice, particularly because it is done on such a large scale. It has been said that Americans receive 4 million tons …

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Biogas – What Is Biogas and How Can Is It Used?


Biogas is a by-product of matter breaking down or rotting, which produces a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane. These gases, called biogases, can then be used in various applications. What Is It Made Of? Biogas is made from organic matter. It is produced by the natural fermentation process. Some of the materials that are …

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Different Ways of Composting Food Waste

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There are so many ways to compost your food waste. There is some sort of composting option for everyone! Here are some of the ways you can compost your food waste. 1. Trench Composting If this is allowed in your area, trench composting is a very simple and odor-free method that can be done easily …

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Indoor Composting Tips for Making Compost Indoors

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With these tips for indoor composting, you will learn how to start making compost indoors. You may not have realized you could have a composting system indoors. If a lack of outdoor space has been keeping you from making your own compost, then it need not inhibit you any longer. Here are some options for …

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Wholesale Plastic Bags

For carrying groceries, sweets, fruits or any sort of food items, plastic bags are essential. As they come into regular use in our daily lives, it is necessary to have a ready stock of these items always. You can buy them in bulk at wholesale rates and save a lot of money. Special Carry-out Bags …

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What states have mandatory recycling?

I am doing a speech on mandatory recycling and I was trying to figure out which states had mandatory recycling and which didn’t. does anyone have any idea of where I could find a list of states that have mandatory recycling.

City Trash Pickup

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City Trash Pickup We have compiled a list of the more populous regions of the country and added links to their waste disposal sites. Some of these sites have some many links it can take hours just to weed through a bunch of useless links. So in trying to keep things simple for you, we …

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all that cardbord now gets thrown into the land fill

the city of San Diego shut this sight down because it made recycling mandatory,trash in the trailer,cardbord in the bailer,recycling in the blue containers and the place is clean;)