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Educational Wooden Toys for Healthy Minds

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Educational wooden toys for healthy minds, and what are some of the things you want your child to learn through play? Many – if not most – parents want for their children’s toys to encourage healthy mental development and motor skills. But many modern toys “spoon feed” entertainment to children without enhancing their individual cognitive …

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USDA Announces Critical Upgrades to Nutritional Standards for School Meals


USDA Unveils Critical Upgrades to Nutritional Standards for School Meals Proposed Changes Will Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Children Nationwide and Help Address Childhood Obesity Crisis WASHINGTON, D.C. Jan. 13, 2010 —The USDA announced critical upgrades to nutritional standards for school meals, as we at Green Planet Ethics learned Thursday, July 13th, 2011, that …

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US Department of Labor releases 3 new reports on international child labor and forced labor

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December 15th 2010, The US Department of Labor released 3 new reports on international child labor and forced labor The Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis today announced the release of three reports on child labour and/or forced labour from around the world. Secretary Solis was joined by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa at U.S. …

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Alternative Punishments for Children

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Alternative punishments for children, it’s easy to resort to punitive methods when your child breaks the rules or otherwise causes frustration. But many parents don’t like to punish their children; they simply do so because they don’t know any other way. There are alternatives to punishment, however. Next time your child causes a problem, keep …

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