City Trash Pickup

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When is trash day in your town?

City Trash Pickup

We have compiled a list of the more populous regions of the country and added links to their waste disposal sites. Some of these sites have some many links it can take hours just to weed through a bunch of useless links. So in trying to keep things simple for you, we have made this list. If you wish us to add a site, feel free to send us a line on the contact us page. Thanks and have a good day!

Albany, NY. City of Albany Trash & Recycling – – – City of Albany, NY Trash Collection

Albuquerque, NM. City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Management Department – – – City of Albuquerque Residential Trash Collection

Amsterdam, NY. City of Amsterdam Garbage & Recycling Pickup

Anaheim, CA. City of Anaheim Department of Public Works

Annapolis, MD: City of Annapolis, MD Public Works Services

Atlanta, GA. City of Atlanta Solid Waste – – – City of Atlanta, GA Solid Waste Services 3 n 1

Baltimore, MD. City of Baltimore Department of Public Works

Berkeley, CA. City of Berkeley Public Works

Boston, MA. Boston Recycling and Trash Directory

Boulder, CO. City of Boulder

Buffalo, NY. City of Buffalo Trash Pickup

Casper, WY. City of Casper Collection Schedule

Charlotte, NC. City of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Garbage Collection or City of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Garbage Collection Bulky Items

Chicago, IL. City of Chicago Website – – Bureau of Sanitation

Chesapeake, VA. City of Chesapeake Waste Management Division – – – City of Chesapeake Waste Collection Brochure – – – City of Chesapeake Waste Management Holiday Schedule – – – City of Chesapeake, VA Weekly Trash Collection Map

Cleveland, OH. City of Cleveland Waste Pickup and Disposal

Dallas, TX. City of Dallas Sanitation Services

Deerfield Beach, FL: Deerfield Beach,

FL Department of Solid Waste Services, Residential Curbside Services

Denver, CO. City of Denver Solid Waste Management

Des Moines, IA. City of Des Moines Solid Waste Collection Guidelines

Detroit, MI. City of Detroit Solid Waste/Yard Waste

Dayton, OH: City of Dayton, OH Public Works Waste Collection

Durham, NC. City of Durham Solid Waste Management

Fort Lauderdale, FL. City of Fort Lauderdale Public Works Department

Fort Worth, Tx. City of Fort Worth Environmental Management

Gloucester, MA.: City of

Gloucester, MA Public Works Department

Hoboken, NJ. City of Hoboken Recycling & Garbage Pickup

Houston, TX. City of Houston Solid Waste Schedules

Indianapolis, IN. City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Jacksonville, FL. City of Jacksonville Solid Waste – – – City of Jacksonville Solid Waste Collection Schedule Lookup

Kansas City, MO. City of Kansas City Public Works

Knoxville, TN. City of Knoxville Household Garbage Collection

Lake Worth, FL: City of Lake Worth, FL Waste Pickup Schedules

Las Vegas, NV. City of Las Vegas Republic Services

Los Angeles, CA City of Los Angeles Sanitation Department of Public Works – – – City of Los Angeles, CA Bureau of Sanitation Find your trash day

Louisville, KY. City of Louisville Residential Garbage

Miami, FL. City of Miami Solid Waste Department

Milwaukee, WI. City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works

Minneapolis, MN. City of Minneapolis The Works

Mobile, AL. City of Mobile Trash Pickup and Garbage

Montgomery County, MD. Montgomery County Trash Pickup Division of Solid Waste Services

Nashville, TN. City of Nashville Trash Collection

New York City, NY. City of New York City Department of Sanitiation

Oakland, CA. City of Oakland Public Works Agency

Oklahoma City, OK City of Olahahoma City Solid Waste Management

Orlando, FL. City of Orlando Public Works Solid Waste

Philadelphia, PA. City of Philadelphia Recycling Pays

Phoenix, AZ: City of Phoenix Official Website

Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Public Works Collection Schedules

Portland, OR. City of Portland Metro Garbage and recycling

Prescott, AZ. City of Prescott Trash Pickup & Recycling

Raleigh, NC. City of Raleigh Garbage, Recycling, and Yardwaste

San Diego, CA: City of San Diego, CA Environmental Services Department

San Francisco, CA: City of San Francisco, CA Recology, Sunset Scavenger, Golden Gate Disposal, Recology San Francisco

Salt Lake City, UT. City of Salt Lake City Streets & Sanitation Division

San Mateo County, CA. San Mateo County Allied Waste Industries

San Jose, CA. City of San Jose Environmental Services

Schenectady, NY. City of Schenectady Garbage Pickup Schedule

Seattle, WA. City of Seattle Recycling

Seymour City, IN. Seymour City Trash Pickup Information

South Bend, IN. City of South Bend Solid Waste

St. Cloud, FL. City of St. Cloud Solid Waste Division

St. Louis, MO. City of St. Lousi Refuse Division

St. Paul, MN. City of St. Paul Garbage and Refuse Service

Syracuse, NY. City of Syracuse Trash Pickup Residential

Tampa, FL. City of Tampa Solid Waste Programs and Services

Toledo, OH. City of Toledo Trash & Recycling

Toronto, Canada. City of Toronto Waste Wizard

Tucson, AZ. City of Tucson Public and Private Utilities

Tulsa, OK, AZ: City of Tulsa, OK City Services Refuse

Wichita Falls, TX: Wichita Falls, TX Sanitation Department

Winston-Salem, NC: City of Winston-Salem, NC Sanitation Division

We hope that the city trash pickup guide has helped you sort through the mess of finding your city trash pickup schedules and information.

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