Climatic Changes From Global Warming Results in Completely New Climates

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Climatic Changes From Global Warming Results in Completely New Climates

While climatic changes from global warming may not be first and foremost as they should be, expert geographers have projected temperature increases due to greenhouse gas emissions to reach a not-so-chilling conclusion. The standard climate zones that we currently experience will shift and some climates will disappear completely by the year 2100. Tropical highlands and polar regions may be the first of those to completely disappear, and large areas of the tropics and subtropics will attain even warmer temperatures. The study anticipates large climate changes worldwide.

The climate models that were produced in the study could completely alter our current world climate zones with climatic changes, which will affect where crops are grown and drive some plant and animal species to extinction, all within the next 100 years or so. According to Jack Williams, a Geographer from the University of Madison we are headed for major change, FAST, and that “one of the things that we can definitely say that the more carbon dioxide we put in the atmosphere, the models very clearly show more of a warming that takes place in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Williams also suggest that with the levels of CO2 continuing to increase, areas of the world that have a tropical climate will become much warmer and drive vegetation and animal life northward due to global warming. Williams believes that these migrations of vegetation and wildlife would lead to the spread of Malaria northward, along with more catastrophic natural disasters and an overall higher risk to human health. “Even a few degrees Celsius can make a major difference in terms of where species grow and how well they thrive,” stated Williams.

As the last ice age in North America died out, Spruce trees moved to the north, and Williams is saying the same thing will happen again, which has the potential to drive plant and animal species into extinction in they cannot adapt to these changes quickly enough. “Species can migrate in response to climate change, but there’s the question of how quickly can they migrate, and will these climate changes over the next century be so rapid that species will be unable to keep up,” according to Williams. Williams goes on to state that we need to take action now if we want to try and preserve what we can now, because later will be too late. We can tell that to our fearless leaders in Washington D.C. as most of our prime cropland disappears and we can’t even support our own population’s food needs anymore, much less the worlds due to climatic changes from global warming.

As carbon in the air in the form of CO2 grows as a direct result of human activities, IE driving, using coal powered electrical plants among other things, like cow emissions of methane, burning firewood, and more. Anyways, as we continually pump CO2 into the atmosphere, we endanger not only our own existence, but that of every other living being on this planet. The atmospheric CO2 levels monthly average for November 2010 is 388.59 ppm, up from 385.99 in November 2009, and 384.11 in November 2008. At roughly 390 ppm atmospheric CO2 levels, that correlates to roughly 30% higher atmospheric CO2 levels for at least 800,000 years before the industrial revolution began. In 2009 it is estimated that we spewed out 30.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. According to every expert in this area, the upper safe limit for atmospheric CO2 levels is 350 parts per million. Our atmospheric CO2 levels surpassed the amount of 350 ppm in 1988 and have continued to rise ever since then. According to James Hansen of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), who coincidentally was the first scientist to warn about global warming more than two decades ago, “If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that atmospheric CO2 levels will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm. But the longer we remain in the danger zone—above 350—the more likely that we will see disastrous and irreversible climate impacts.” These climatic changes and events can still be minimized, but there isn’t much time left!

Much of our CO2 emissions use comes from fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, approximately 75%. The other 25% of man made CO2 emissions are attributed to changes in land use, such as deforestation and the cultivation of soils for food production. There are also other sources which are natural, like volcanoes. Some other natural sources like permafrost melts can be undone if we lower or CO2 levels fast, otherwise we could create an unstoppable chain reaction that we will truly regret. Another natural source that we can have control over is livestock in the form of methane. According to a new study published November/December of 2009, 51% of global CO2 emissions can be attributed to Livestock, and yes, we said Livestock!

This is the end game now my friends, and if the world doesn’t end in 2012 like some suggest, then we are in for the ride of all of mankind’s life, as drastic climatic changes are in store for us which will forever alter the face of our planet, and our lives as well. These climatic changes, if we do not immediately begin to drop our CO2 emissions, will be the ultimate demise of society as we know it. Forget about the economy, and jobs, if we continue down this road of self destruction, there won’t be any more economy or jobs to worry about, at least not as we know them today. Gone forever will be Wall Street, and by the way, good riddance, and possibly even Capital Hill. Time to put an end to Big Oil and Big Coals lies and deceitful ways, and their buying there future by bribing our elected officials into not making any changes in our environmental policies. This is real my friends, not a hoax, and we need to treat this as serious as a heart attack. The clock is ticking, and time is running out to reduce global warming. CO2 emissions lasts for many years to come, it just doesn’t disappear magically. The average CO2 molecule spends roughly between 100 and 500 years in the atmosphere. Obviously, not all of them stay that long, the average is approximately 200 to 300 years. So time is running out, and the more we wait to make major reductions, the more people will suffer in the future. Some are calling inaction’s at this time the equivalent of ‘genocide’, but are calling it ‘ecocide’ instead, which is quite fitting to me at least. Call your politicians and let them know we will not accept anymore alibis, spin, lies, deceit, or other unreasonable actions to further hinder the war against global warming! Enough is enough, and when the ecocide trials began the people will hold them all accountable for their actions, or inaction’s as it seems, and if they aren’t around, then we will hold their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters accountable and take all their money away to pay the victims of their crimes against humanity and the planet. In April of 2010, UK Lawyer Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations that ecocide be recognized as an international Crime Against Peace, alongside Genocide, Crimes of Humanity, War Crimes, and Crimes of Aggression, triable at the International Crime Court. So plans are in the works to deal with these crimes, and criminal actions. In June of 2010, The Minister of Environment and Forestry of Turkey sued Guven Eken, the President of Turkish Nature Association, who proclaimed Minister Versel Eroglu as a murderer of nature, an ecocider regarding to his countersign on attainments over the last four years. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Climatic changes will happen, both naturally and due to our repeated dismissal of warnings. Naturally they occur due to extreme climatic events such as massive volcanic eruptions or other natural disasters, but we are creating a rapid climate shift with our current and projected future CO2 emissions, which can be controlled, but are reluctant to do so. The time is now, not in 2020, when it will all but be too late. Peace my friends, the world is depending on us as much as we depend on it for our survival. Let’s not push it past the tipping point, and face a bleak future of biblical proportions of climatic catastrophes!

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