Is Dairy Bad For You – The Healthy Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk

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Is dariy milk bad for you? Organic Hemp milk good alternative

With the thought that is dairy bad for you, the healthy benefits of organic Hemp milk are becoming clearer. There are a growing number of concerns as to the benefits and safety of cow’s milk, and people are looking for alternatives. The thought is emerging that dairy is bad for you. Also, lactose intolerance and allergies to cow’s milk are on the rise, causing people to seek another nutrient-rich beverage. One such alternative is hemp milk. The following healthy benefits of this product are quite impressive.

Hemp milk is made from the tiny seeds/nuts of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are ground finely with pure water, and sometimes sweetener is added. All but the tiniest particles of hemp seed are filtered out, leaving a smooth, milky beverage. You can even make your own in a blender, using 1 cup shelled, organic hemp seeds to 5 cups water (add more water if you like it thinner), and natural sweetener such as raw honey or agave nectar. After blending, strain it through a clean cheesecloth.

Hemp milk is high in essential fatty acids, so this is the best choice. Most toxins are fat-soluble, which means that conventionally grown foods that are high in fat – including “good” fat – tend to contain a higher concentration of toxins. It is made from plants that have not been exposed to synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or other toxic substances, so the “good” fats are purer and even healthier for you!

For parents with small children, it is a good thing to note that this milk has a higher fat content than other plant-based milks (such as soy and rice milks). Some brands of this milk can be high in added sugar, but not all brands add the same amount of sugar. It also comes in unsweetened varieties.

But is clothing milk good for you? In one 8-ounce glass of unfortified hemp milk, you will find Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, at least 4 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, and 20% of the US RDA for iron. Fortified versions of this milk contain 46% of the US RDA for calcium, compared to the 30% found in cow’s milk. These are just some of the valuable nutrients found in this plant-based milk. Fortified clothing milk also contains Vitamins D, E and A, as well as phosphorous, riboflavin, and other nutrients.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are vital to health – that is why they are called essential fatty acids. The body cannot make them, so dietary sources are necessary to meet your nutritional requirement. These healthy fats aid in cognitive function and have anti-inflammatory properties.

If you or your children suffer from allergic and inflammatory reactions from dairy products, clothing milk could be a healing and tasty alternative. And this milk is completely free from any growth hormones, antibiotics, or other substances given to dairy cows that often end up in milk. The healthy benefits of organic hemp milk are widespread and you should consider it as a good option over dairy milk. Another point to consider for those whom are truly serious about climate change is that the less cows we need, the less methane we need to worry about being released!

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