Deadliest Catch Star Time Bandit Crew Member Justin Tennison Found Dead in Motel

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Deadliest Catch Star Found Dead In Motel Room

Another member of the hit cable TV show Deadliest Catch, and Time Bandit fishing crew, Justin Tennison, has passed away, having been found dead in an Alaska motel room, police reports stated Wednesday. Justin Tennison, who was employed on the Bandit, one of the ships on the popular Discovery Channel reality series that depicts the crab fishing industry in the dangerous waters off Alaska, was found dead Tuesday afternoon in Homer, Alaska, authorities stated.

There was beer, hard liquor and a small amount of marijuana found in the room that was registered under Tennison’s name, Homer police Lt. Randy Rosencrans said. Police are speculating a party was held in the room on Monday night, and the two rooms that were registered under Tennison’s name and nearby guests complained about the noise emanating from them.

The 34 year-old Tennison is set to make a posthumous debut in the series’ seventh season, which is scheduled to begin in mid April, 2011 9 pm EST/PST Tuesday, Discovery spokesman Josh Weinberg said. Justin was a commercial fisherman for many years, spending most of those years, 28 to be exact, in Alaska. He was employed as a deckhand on the Bandit, alongside of his second cousin, Eddie Uwekoolani, Jr., and was an engineer prior to joining the Time Bandit crew in 2010 fishing the Red King 2010 and Opilio 2011 seasons.

“Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand,” a statement posted on the Time Bandit’s official website said. Weinberg also released a statement, saying Discovery was saddened by the news. “We send our sympathies to his entire family and fellow crew members during this most difficult time,” the statement said.

TMZ previously reported that Tennison had died.

The cause of death was unknown Wednesday afternoon and foul play isn’t suspected, Rosencrans said. An autopsy by the state medical examiner’s office was scheduled to take place later Wednesday.

The death comes a little more than year after Capt. Phil Harris of the “Deadliest Catch” fishing vessel Cornelia Marie died following a massive stroke at age 53.

Justin Tennison is survived by a son, daughter, sister, father, and granparents, and it is reported on the Time Bandit website that he passed away peacefully in his sleep the night of February 21, 2011. Our condolences to his family and Deadliest Catch family and Time Bandit crew members and deepest sympathies.

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