Delicious Mothers Day Creative Ideas for Dessert Ideas for Kids

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Cake for Mother's Day

Delicious Mothers Day creative ideas for dessert ideas for kids, because we all know that Moms love to receive special, handmade desserts from their kids. And you don’t have to be an expert to make something special and beautiful! Help your kids give their mom a sweet treat for Mothers Day with some of these ideas. And remember, it’s Mothers Day, so clean up the kitchen when you’re finished! Here are those delicious mothers day creative ideas for dessert ideas for kids, enjoy!


Decorating cookies can be a lot of fun. Using any sugar cookie recipe or mix, kids can decorate the cookies with icing and candy sprinkles. They can make flower designs on each cookie and use skewers to make a bouquet, or bake one large cookie for the flower center and surround it with smaller, colorful cookies for the petals. Another idea is to use frosting or candies to make a letter on each cookie to spell out “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.”


Like cookies, frosted cupcakes can be topped with letters, flower designs, candies, and so forth. Cupcakes can also be arranged in decorative patterns, including stacks and tiers. Get creative – the kids might even like to make Mom a cupcake caterpillar! Use green icing (you can add green food coloring to white store-bought icing) and let the kids make the caterpillar as long as they like. Use icing and candies to decorate the body and make the face, and licorice to make antennae and legs.

Chocolate Roses

Using bamboo skewers, strawberries, and chocolate, you can make Mom an edible bouquet. Simply melt down semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler. Let the chocolate cool a bit until it is still liquid but not hot. Have the kids dip the tops of whole strawberries (leave the leaves on) into the chocolate, one at a time, and lay them on a waxed paper-covered cookie sheet.

Put the sheet in the refrigerator for the chocolate to harden. Then, skewer the leaf end of each strawberry and let the kids arrange the “roses” in a pretty vase or jar. Older kids or an adult can cut the skewers into different lengths using kitchen shears to vary the height. For a creative “dirt” effect, crush chocolate cookies in the blender or plastic zip top bag. Fill the jar or vase with the chocolate “dirt” and stick the skewers into it.

Dress Up Store-bought Confections

So you don’t have time to bake. Don’t worry – you can still make a creative confection using cakes or cookies from the store. Try these ideas.

* Kids can use a store-bought angel food cake to make a creative dessert for Mom. An adult can cut the cake in half to make two layers, and the kids can fill the middle with whipped cream and strawberries. Put the top layer on and the kids can top it with more whipped cream and berries. Finish by sprinkling with mini chocolate chips.

* Twinkie Tower (yes, Twinkies – although you can do this tower effect with many different store-bought cakes). Unwrap and arrange these little sponge cakes on a plate in a circle pointing outward, like the spokes of a wheel. Do a smaller circle on top, laying the Twinkies on the gaps between the cakes on the bottom.

Make each subsequent circle smaller so that the tower will taper as it goes up. When you finish, stud the cake with edible flowers, candies, dollops of whipped cream, cherries, strawberries, etc.

We hope that the delicious Mothers Day creative ideas for dessert ideas for kids gave you some great ideas for Mothers Day this year!

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