Easy Ways to Set Up a Recycling Scheme at Work

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Easy Ways to Set Up a Recycling Scheme at Work

Easy Ways to Set Up a Recycling Scheme at Work, as we know the office can be a wasteful place. Paper, plastic water bottles, defunct office equipment, toner cartridges, pens, and so on, float around and often end up getting discarded. This kind of waste in the workplace is of growing concern. Setting up a recycling scheme at work can help. Here are some easy ways to make that happen.

1. Involve Your Boss

Have a meeting with your boss and include him or her in your plans. Point out that recycling will save the company money in the long run, and make sure your boss is on board before proceeding. If you proceed without his or her knowledge, you may find your efforts thwarted.

2. Contact Your Local Waste Authority

The company who collects your trash or curbside recycling is a place to start. See if they will partner up with your company to collect your office recycling.

Check with local charities to see if there are any needs for old computers, copiers, printers, and other office equipment. Develop several partnerships with various companies to see that your office waste is being utilized most efficiently.

3. Conduct a Waste Audit

Spend some time noting where the most waste is generated in your office or workplace. It has been shown that white paper and food are usually the biggest waste areas for most offices. Discern the source of the waste. Calculate the cost as accurately as possible so that you can present this to your boss and fellow employees. Set some realistic goals as well.

4. Include All Employees

When you launch your recycling plan, make it into an event and invite everyone. Remember, you are not accusing your co-workers of anything; avoid finger-pointing and berating them for wasteful behavior. Simply present the problem as an overall issue that affects everyone.

Focus on the state of the planet and how it benefits everyone to preserve our environment. Present your findings in order to motivate others to reduce and save. Inform employees of how, when, and where waste is to be avoided and, when items need to be recycled and collected.

Keep your co-workers and boss informed of the progress of the scheme electronically. Emails, newsletters, and even a website or blog can keep your co-workers up to date and included.

5. Make It Easy

Your recycling scheme will be more likely to have success if it is easy for your co-workers. Set up recycling stations where clearly labeled bins are located near the areas where you have observed the most waste being generated.

We hope that Easy Ways to Set Up a Recycling Scheme at Work helps you and your workplace become a greener place!

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