Environment Friendly – Biodegradable Bags and Paper Cups

Given the growing concern for the environment and land fill limitations, biodegradable products are a welcome addition in the market. These product hold good opportunity in the market.

Less than 2% of plastic bags ever get recycled.

KAYSONS – ENVIRON carries a full line of biodegradable bags(shopping and trash) that help reduce the amount plastic in landfills.When disposed in a compost facility, these bags will biodegrade in as little as 60 days.

All ENVIRON biodegradable Bags meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards.

Environ Bags and Cups begin to biodegrade at 60 degrees centigrate in compost facilities, where bacteri in the soil convert the biodegradable plastic into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

Environ bags meet emission standards such as to be considered biodegradable as well as residue contents left in the soil such that the composted soil can be greened with flora with no toxic effects.

The products cover 4 phases of testing to be called truly biodegradable and  compostable.

Phase 1:

Material Characteristics:

Specifies permissible levels for volatile content & heavy metals.

Infrared Analysis of the material.


Phase 2:

Aerobic Biodegradation under controlled composting conditions:                              ISO 14855 (2005)                 ASTM D-5338-98 (2003)

A 76 day test period at 58°C under controlled composting conditions, following which an inoculum is derived from the compost and a quantitative test is conducted on the inoculum.

Phase 3:

Pilot Scale Composting + Sieving Test                                         ISO 16929 (2002)                     EN 14045 (2003)

Determines the degree of biodegradation of Environ™ in a pilot-scale test. 
The sieved compost is used for further tests such as physical, chemical and eco-toxicity tests.

Phase 4:

Barley Plant Growth Test:

Evaluates any toxic effect of the inoculum compost containing Environ™ in comparison to a blank compost in which no Environ™ was composted.

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