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The Nature of Things: Build Green

The Nature of Things: Earth Energy

Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Power


Building Green: Water

Building Green: Landscaping

Rethinking Green: Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Discipline Environment
Season 1 : Ep. 12|1:28:53|
Environmentalist pioneer Stewart Brand presents his “ecopragmatist manifesto” – a challenge to status quo assumptions about technology, sustainability, and the future of the green movement.

Van Jones on BP, Obama, and the Future of the Green Economy Environment
Season 1 : Ep. 16|1:10:31|
“The time has come to move beyond eco-elitism to eco-populism,” says green jobs advocate Van Jones. He describes how the third wave of environmentalism — the investment wave — could revitalize the economy through “green collar” labor.

Is the Prius Eco-Friendly, or Ego-Friendly? Environment
“If you wanted to design a problem that people would not care about, it would basically look like global warming,” says behavioral economist Dan Ariely. His solution? Manipulate the variables people do care about — like their egos.

Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet Environment
Season 1 : Ep. 15|1:20:25|
We’ve missed our chance to stop global warming, asserts Bill McKibben, and massive changes are already underway on a planet we might as well re-name “Eaarth.” In the face of unprecedented crisis, what can humanity do to weather the storm?

Earth 2100

Earth 2100

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