Halloween Crafts for Kids


Try these eco-friendly Halloween crafts for kids and you will all enjoy hours of fun together!

These Halloween crafts for kids are a great way to get your kids involved in one of their favorite holidays, as we all know most kids love Halloween. There are parties, costumes, and every kid’s favorite, candy. Trying to keep kids entertained until Halloween night can require the patience of the Dali Llama himself, so we created these easy, green Halloween crafts that you can use to keep the kids entertained.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Candy Cauldrons

Find an empty plastic container and paint it black. You will also need to paint three small wooden balls black as well. Once everything is completely dry, glue the balls to the bottom of the cauldron. Add a wire handle if you would like, and fill your cauldron with your favorite Halloween candies.


If you are planning on handing out lollipops as part of your treats for trick-or-treating, you kids can help you decorate them. Cover the lollipop with a tissue, tying securely with a rubber band or piece of ribbon. Use a marker to draw eyes and mouth on your ghosts and they are ready for giving.

Paint a pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a bit messy and difficult, and can be dangerous if you do not want small children handling the knife. Instead, get some permanent markers or acrylic paint your pumpkin to look like a monster, clown, or other Halloween character. For kids, the smaller “pie pumpkins” or even the mini-pumpkins will work perfectly for this craft.

Paper plate masks

While your child may not be able to dress up in their costume until the day or evening of Halloween, you can easily create your own masks. Help your child cut eyes and breathing holes out of a paper plate. Punch a hole on either side to attach a ribbon or string to tie the mask on. Then you can allow your child to decorate the mask with crayons, marker, paint, or by gluing items to it.


Ghost puppets are easy to make and can inspire hours of creative play. Get a white handkerchief, black marker, and a rubber band. Drape the handkerchief over your child’s middle three fingers, secure with a rubber band, and draw on eyes and a mouth with the marker. You can also put the cardboard from a paper towel roll and stuff the head with cotton balls if you want a more permanent puppet.

Reusable treat bags

Purchase some reusable cloth totes or shopping bags as well as some Halloween-colored fabric paint. You can also look for iron-on transfers and stencils to make decorating easier. Allow your kids to decorate their own bag. If you do this a few days before Halloween, it will be dry and ready to go along when trick-or-treating.

Spider webs

Take 3 craft sticks and glue them together so that they make a star shape. Taking white or black yarn, weave it over one craft stick and under the next, working your way outwards from the center. When it is finished, glue down the end and attach a plastic spider. Your creation is now ready for hanging.

Witches Hat


  • 2 sheets of black construction paper
  • 1 sheet felt (green, orange, purple, or red)
  • Strip of black felt
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape



Witches Hats Examples

Roll 1 sheet of black paper into a cone. Secure with tape, then trim the bottom of the cone so that it will stand up by itself on the table. Use a cup or jar as a guide and cut out a circle from black paper large enough for the hat brim. Then glue the cone to the circle and set aside to dry. Next, you will cut several ¼ or ½ inch strips of felt and glue them around the cone. Next, cut a strip of black felt to go around the base of the cone. If you so desire, cut a bat out of black felt and glue to your hat.

Money Saving Tips:

Buy your construction paper at the dollar store for plenty of fun projects. Another thing is that felt is inexpensive so stock up on 5 or 6 sheets each time you go to the store. Traditional Halloween colors include black, orange, purple, red and green. However, you can use whatever colors you like for this project!

A little creativity and you can come up with your own Halloween crafts for kids as you wait to celebrate this fall holiday.

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