Happy Thanksgiving 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving Give Thanks and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving 2010

As we enter the holiday season, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 2010. We’ve come along ways since that first thanksgiving in 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared their harvests with a feast. We have many new technologies to celebrate, like the internet, mobile phones, and modern transportation, modern housing, we also have many new problems associated with those technologies. Life is not so simple anymore in 2010 by any means, even speaking just 20 years ago. Imagine how simple life must have been some 400 years ago, without any of our modern conveniences.

While we have many new problems, most associated with our new technology, we also have some promising new and old technologies emerging which take aim directly at one of our main issues, climate change. We have that to be thankful for, in the very least. We also have our loved ones, roofs over our heads, and plenty of food. We can celebrate this year with thanks we are still alive, and are in a time when we can positively alter the future of our planet, and mankind for that matter. We have many new opportunities to do the right thing, for both ourselves and our planet. We can be thankful that we can be a part of the new change that is beginning to sweep the planet, which is to curb our wasteful, non-sustainable lifestyles and come up with new, and sometimes old ideas which can benefit everyone and our precious planet.

This year we can all practice sustainable ideas for our holiday festivities, using cloth napkins, and other non-disposable dinner ware. We can car pool to our relatives homes, and we can turn the heat down, seeing as the ovens may do that for us anyways, as Turkeys can take awhile to cook, along with the rest of all the goodies we have planned for our festive feasts and dinners. Mostly, we can just be grateful that we have each other, and that we can relax on this day of thanks. When the Pilgrims first arrived on Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620, their first winter was terrible. In the fall of 1621, there were only 56 people left of the original 102 whom had sailed on the Mayflower. That Thanksgiving in 1621 the remaining colonists decided to celebrate a bountiful harvest with a feast, and invited 91 of the Native Americans from the Wampanoag Indian tribe whom had helped them survive in that first brutal year on the new continent.

Thanksgiving wasn’t repeated again until 1676 when they proclaimed another day of Thanksgiving on June 20, which was to be held June 29. Native Americans were not included in that celebration however, as they became a problem in the Pilgrims quest for more land, and the good will shared at the first celebration was already long gone. Which brings to mind something we can learn from them, that we should never take anything for granted. Our quest for more, more, more of everything has brought us to the brink of a disaster of epic proportions in regards to our ailing planet. It is not healthy, nor a good thing to keep seeking more, more money, more toxic stuff, more driving, more gas, more everything. We can be thankful in what we have. Look at the poor people in the world whom have nothing. People in Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world, are still suffering from the quake that hit, then a hurricane, and now cholera outbreaks and epidemics.

So Happy Thanksgiving 2010, and let’s just be grateful for the simple things in life, which is what it all is about anyways, and not so much the lifestyles we have become accustomed to over the years of technological advances.

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