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Dandelions is probably one of the last items you thought you would find on our healing foods list Dandelion greens

Dandelions is probably one of the last items you thought you would find on our healing foods list, but, believe it or not, it has for centuries been known for it’s usefulness as a healing herb from around the planet. It not only is one of the richest sources of vitamin A, but also one of the best sources of beta-carotene and vitamin K. Dandelion greens are also rich in complex, vitamin C, D, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and fiber.

* Common Healing Foods Benefits: Dandelion serves many purposes as a healing food. It is used to treat hepatitis, liver, and kidney disorders such as jaundice, kidney stones, and cirrhosis for centuries. It is also prescribed as a natural treatment for hepatitis C, anemia, and liver detox quite frequently. It is also used as a natural diuretic and increases urine output and flushing toxins and excessive salts from the kidneys while preventing the loss of potassium that occurs from over the counter diuretics with its own naturally occurring potassium. These qualities also making it an excellent option for reducing edema, bloating and water retention. Dandelion greens also promote bile production, which gives it a gentle laxative quality. A naturally occurring soluble fiber in dandelion greens is inulin, which aids digestion by feeding the healthy probiotic bacteria in the intestines. Due to this compound, it also aides in the treatment of heartburn and indigestion. It also increases the calcium absorption and has a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels making it a useful treatment for diabetes. It also contains anti-diarrheal and antibacterial properties. The Chinese have used dandelion greens and roots for centuries in combination with other herbs to treat hepatitis and upper respiratory tract infections like pneumonia and bronchitis as well as stomach problems, appendicitis and breast problems such as inflammation or lack of milk flow. Another interesting use of dandelions is the sap from the stem, which they use as a topical remedy for warts. Native Americans boiled dandelions in water and used it to treat such ailments as kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and upset stomach.

* Recommended Dosage and Suggestions: Seeing as dandelion greens are not commonplace in most peoples diets, it is difficult to find them. They are considered specialty items in some areas and can be hard to find and/or expensive. The taste is pungent, and people either love or hate them. They should be a regular part of your diet if you like them and they are readily available. If worse comes to worse, you can just weed your yard to get some and eventually grow your own from the seeds they produce! These tips on how to prepare them will help to make them taste better. Use the roots in soups or saute them alone. If the raw leaves are bitter you can saute them or lightly steam them. The dandelion leaves can also be used to add flavoring to salads, sandwiches and teas.

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We hope that these tips for the healing food dandelions helped you and that if you can tolerate the taste of a dandelion, then they will do good by you!

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