Healthy Valentines Party Snacks

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Healthy Valentines Party Snacks

There are plenty of healthy valentines party snacks, outside of the normal chocolates. When we think of this holiday, does the mention of Valentine’s Day make you think of big, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates? Most of us associate this holiday with an indulgence of chocolates and candy hearts. But there are healthier ways that we can celebrate this heart-centered holiday. Here are some ideas to help you have a healthier Valentine’s Day.

* Strawberry roses – Insert a wooden skewer into the bottom of some fresh strawberries. Dip them into dark chocolate (dark chocolate, at least 60% cocoa, is considered healthful). When the chocolate is cool, arrange the strawberries in a vase or other container.

* Jell-O shapes – Remember Jell-O cut-outs? They are still loved by kids. Although many people do not consider Jell-O healthy, you can make your own using hot water, gelatin, and fruit juice (grape or cranberry are good choices for Valentine colors). The fruity gelatin can be poured into heart-shaped molds or solidified in a pan and cut into heart shapes.

* Pink cream cheese – You can add some red food coloring to plain cream cheese, or buy strawberry-flavored cream cheese. Then use it to make healthy Valentine-themed snacks, such as heart-shaped bagels. Or use it as a dip and/or spread for strawberries.

* Watermelon – Naturally red, watermelon is great for cutting into shapes. Cut heart shapes for a healthy treat.

* Fruit kabobs – Nature provides a lot of red fruits that look pretty on a skewer. Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and even cut-up red apples can all be put on a skewer and enjoyed by young and old alike. Serve with pink cream cheese or fruit dip if you like.

* Healthy hearts – Valentine’s Day is a heart-themed holiday. Think of heart-healthy foods and serve those as snacks. For example, heart-healthy seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds and almonds can be served in pretty muffin papers or heart-shaped containers. Make heart-shaped bran muffins, or arrange sliced strawberries in a heart on top of a bowl of oatmeal.

* Sandwiches – Using a cookie cutter, cut whole wheat bread into heart shapes. Make sandwiches with whatever healthy filling you like – the heart shape makes it festive. For an extra touch, put a decorative red toothpick through each sandwich.

* Heart-y chips – Cut whole wheat tortillas into heart shapes. Brush them with olive oil, sprinkle them with salt, and then bake them at 425 degrees F until crisp (about 8 minutes). Serve these with red, tomato-y salsa or other seasonal dip.

Focusing on the heart means healthy foods. Chocolate, whole grains, and other foods mentioned in this article are not only festive; they are good for the heart.

We hope that these healthy valentines party snacks gives you and your loved ones a healthier, tastier Valentine’s Day this year!

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