Holiday Cards Use Your Own Photos For Personalized Green Holiday Cards

You can create your own green holiday cards with your own photos and keep it green with these Enviroprint cards. Enviroprint offers a wide variety of top-quality, eco-friendly, printed products — which are guaranteed to be truly GREEN. Since 2007, Enviroprint has been demonstrating its commitment to sustainable environmental printing practices by using 100% renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly inks and paper.

Because we use so much paper it has a negative impact on the environment, and we can, and should reduce our use of it. Recycled paper is important, and the more we use it the better off we will be. Trees, which is where we get our paper from, are important to the environment, especially now, when we need them to help us maintain our co2 emissions and not do more damage than has already been done. When the trees are cut down, they release the co2 that they had stored, so that is not a good thing. So the less trees we cut down, the better off we are are in the long run. While it would be impossible to completely eliminate our need for paper, we can reduce our need for it by using recycled paper products more, and recycling all our papers and other items such as boxes.

We can also minimize our negative environmental impact by using eco-friendly inks when we are printing on paper. Some of the more standard traditional inks are not very eco-friendly, and contain hazardous ingredients. For instance, one of the more common inks used in the screen printing process is called Plastisol. This is due to the fact that this type of ink is easy to print with, it doesn’t dry on the screen, it delivers high opacity even on dark colors, and affixes easily to most fabrics. However, it is also toxic to the environment, and can present health hazards. This type of ink “is manufactured by using a liquefied form of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The chlorine-based chemicals that are formed when this product is manufactured react with other chemicals to create dioxins, PCBs and other toxic compounds. In addition, the plasticizers used to make this ink flexible are carcinogenic and continue to be released even after you have purchased the product.” In spite of this, some Ink manufacturers insist that Platisol inks are safe to use when produced and used correctly. Haven’t we heard similar statements like this before? Kind of scary to me.

Most everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint and toxic contamination of our planet today, and a good way to continue that effort is over the holiday season, when we tend to get a little exorbitant, and splurge a little. Why not send some holiday cheer this year and help keep the environmental impact to a minimum with these eco-friendly holiday cards. You can use your own photos and choose from a variety of themed templates for your special green holiday cards this season!

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