Home Salvage – Give Used Household Items a New Home

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Home Salvage - This lucky old tub found a new life and a new home in this magnificent bathroom!

Home salvage – give used household items a new home, so are you getting ready to remodel your home? Maybe you are uncertain about the cost and consumerism inherent in buying new items from major chain stores. Or perhaps you just want your home to have the character and charm that are enhanced with used items. One thing is certain – using salvaged items in your remodeling efforts is more eco-friendly than buying new. You can save those old items from the junk pile and reuse them and help the environment and your pocket book!

Just what kind of used items can you get for your home? You may not realize how much you can obtain through home salvage. You can find:

* Bathtubs
* Sinks
* Counters
* Cabinets
* Windows
* Doors
* Tables
* Appliances
* Tiles
* Flooring
* Lumber
* Lamps and light fixtures
* Hardware (door knobs, drawer pulls, etc.)

And those are just a few of the used items you can find! It seems that there are very few items that can’t be found used. When homes, neighborhoods, or businesses are torn down and removed, many of the elements from those buildings can be salvaged. Let’s take a look at some of these and how you can make use of them.

Classic bathtubs can really make your home beautiful. They are generally very durable, being made from porcelain-coated iron, and can be resurfaced.

Wall lighting and table lamps lend character to a room. They usually need to be rewired, but a simple lamp wiring kit can be purchased at most hardware stores, or a contractor or electrician can help you install wall-mounted lights.

You can get creative with an old door and make it into something personal. Paint colorful designs on it, or refinish it to typify its era. You may need help “hanging” the door in your existing frame, and make sure you take your door frame measurements with you when you shop.

Old cabinets can be stacked and mounted together to make shelves, filing cabinets, or other storage. You can use an old cabinet as a base for a sink. They can be painted, refinished, or otherwise refurbished.

Where can you find salvaged items? Here are some ideas:

– One person’s trash…and you know the rest. As long as no laws are being broken or neighbors are being disgruntled, trolling the neighborhood on trash day is a great way to salvage items being thrown away.

– Do an internet search for “architectural salvage” and find providers in your area.

– Antique stores offer an ever-rotating stock of interesting used items, from furniture to kitchen appliances to windows.

– Retail stores that sell donated items can be a very inexpensive way to obtain used household goods. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is one such example.

– Salvage centers or yards offer a wide variety of items that change often. Check your local phone book or online to find such a yard near you. Let them know what you are looking for, and see if you can get updates that will let you know if an item you’re looking for comes in.

Get to know the people at all of these stores and businesses if possible. The people who run salvage businesses are almost always helpful and accommodating, and are willing to look for items for you. Don’t be afraid to discuss prices if you think an item is too expensive. And remember, if remodeling your home involves tearing out old items, recycle them or donate them to a salvage yard for someone else (after all, one person’s trash…).

We hope that Home Salvage – Give Used Household Items a New Home helps you to give new life to those used household items!

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