Killing of Dolphins “The Cove” Exposes Dolphin Killing in Japan

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Dolphins Killing - "The Cove" Exposes Dolphin Killing in Japan

Killing of Dolphins “The Cove” Exposes Dolphin Killing in Japan. This is documented well by “The Cove”, an Academy Award winning and Sundance Film festival award winning film about the yearly slaughter of over 23,000 Dolphins every year at a Taiji cove, Japan. The entire event is hidden in secrecy for the most part with film crews and the public being arrested while attempting to view the slaughter in the heavily guarded cove. Thus, it is kept under the radar so to speak for the vast majority of the world, and even the citizens of Japan are unaware of this practice. The problem is that the Taiji cove is blocked off to the public, and cameras are not allowed inside, nor is the media allowed to cover the story. In fact, the practice is so big and profitable (billion dollar whaling and dolphin industry) that the Japanese Yakuzza, or Mafia is involved and provides the security to help keep the cove private.

The fisherman, or hunters more or less in this case use a technique called drive fishing, in which the hunters form a line of motorized boats to create a wall of sound between the dolphins and the open seas by banging on metal poles lowered into the water. At one end of the poles, they have bell-shaped devices that specifically amplify the sound-waves. Since dolphins use sonar to navigate the oceans, they are immediately lost or disoriented and terrified and swim frantically to shore to escape the source of the noise. Then they get corralled into a small cove and trapped overnight by nets, and then at sunrise the next morning they are herded into an adjacent killing cove, where they are stabbed to death by hunters using harpoons, fish hooks, and knives. The emerald waters of the cove literally turn blood red with the blood from the killing of dolphins in the cove. Some dolphins simply drown from wither being injured or exhausted, while some even drown in their own blood. Fishermen drag still-living animals onto boats with hooks and harpoons or tie them to boats by the tail, forcing their airholes under water. The animals are hauled by truck, or dragged over concrete roads by their tails, to a nearby warehouse for butchering where those that are still alive are stabbed again and left to die of their injuries or bleed to death.

The Dolphin killing exposed by “The Cove” also involves another unsettling fact, which is the fact that they are selling the meat, which is poisoned by Mercury without warnings. The mercury levels are toxic to humans, and is being sold in Japan, and to avoid further scrutiny, it is often labeled as whale meat! In fact, in the 1950’s the Japanese government funded studies in Minamata, Japan and found that there are serious consequences for eating dolphin meat contaminated with mercury, calling it Minamata disease.

Killing of Dolphins “The Cove” Japan

Activist Rick O’Barry made light of this shocking event by exposing the annual killing of dolphins in his documentary “The Cove” with Louie Psihoyos. The worldwide attention that was brought about by the epic documentary hasn’t stopped the practice as they still continue with the dolphins killing in Japan. In August 2010 the cable station Animal Planet aired “Blood Dolphins“, a three-part miniseries which continued Ric’s journey advocating for the dolphins across the world. In the miniseries, the O’Barrys’s return to Taiji, Japan, the original site of the documentary, and then travel to the Solomon Islands which is involved in the lucrative captive dolphin trade and try to put a stop to that inhumane practice.

Here is a clip from Blood Dolphins:

The film has made waves on the international scene as it has received critical praise and awards worldwide. It has also given exposure to the practice and made it an international issue. The film was originally banned at the Tokyo Film Festival but after much public outrage it was eventually aired there, and in theaters across Japan. Residents in Taiji are being tested for mercury poisoning. The media in Japan are also covering the issue now, however the dolphins killing at “The Cove” still continues, as September 1 kicked off the six month dolphin hunting season again, and the residents and fishermen in Taiji are heading back to the cove for some more killing of dolphins in the cove.

Here are some links and resources as to where you can donate, sign petitions or volunteer to help stop the killing of dolphins at ‘The Cove’:
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Experts conclude that to turn the tide against this brutal assault and end the dolphin killing in Japan they need to educate, make people aware, and persist in their effort to put a stop to the dolphins killing of dolphins at “The Cove” in Japan. Peace my friends!

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