Not In My Back Yard

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Wind turbine farm off the coast, does that really look all that bad?

Not In My Back Yard Courtesy of Wikipedia ( “NIMBY or Nimby is an acronym for not in my back yard. The term (or the derivative Nimbyism) is used pejoratively to describe opposition by residents to a proposal for a new development close to them. Opposing residents themselves are sometimes called Nimbies. The new project being opposed is generally considered a benefit for many but has negative side-effects on many local residents who want it to be located elsewhere. The term was coined in the 1980s by British politician Nicholas Ridley, who was Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment. Projects likely to be opposed include but are not limited to tall buildings, wind turbines, incinerators, power plants, prisons,[1] and especially transportation improvements (e.g. new roads, passenger railways or highways) and mobile telephone network masts.”
This is an excerpt from a book which goes into depth on the subject, appropriately titled “Wind Power in View: Energy Landscapes in a Crowded World” from Academic Press with several authors (9 listed to be exact) with a review found at: “”. “As the world increasingly turns toward renewable sources of energy to avert global warming, what will wind’s role become? Will it be welcomed as the “green savior” that some see, or will it be fought as vigorously as nuclear power? The outcome could well hinge on how the public views wind energy on the landscape. Wind Power in View takes a sober look at what people see when wind turbines appear in their midst.”

Granted, wind turbines didn’t originally have an appealing look, but changes have been made along with improvements in both design and functionality. Many peoples objections, as in the Michigan case, where people are opposed to the building of Wind Turbines off the Western Shores of Lake Michigan, which will be at least 2 miles off shore seem petty at best. Are they going to block their view or what? Ridiculous rants about the placement of such proposed wind farms seem to be prevalent in many other areas as well. Just to put it in context for this article, I did a quick Bing search (I dislike Google, as they are the primary source of unwanted spam, pop-ups and other garbage on the web due to ad-words and other various garbage) and came up with 287,000 results for the search “opposition to wind turbines” ( The heading picture of this article shows what I think is a nice looking wind farm that is offshore.

Granted, some wind farms just were not designed with the public in mind, and others are just ugly, but with newer technologies, designs, knowledge, experience and functionality, I fail to see the point of some of these petty objections, given the alternatives, which are more coal fired power plants! Also, wind farm architects and designers are more aware of their past mistakes, and have undergone growth and wisdom in their fields and have vastly improved upon past wind farm design failures. They are more in tune with the local communities as well, trying to implement the best practical design with the needs of all concerned taken into consideration.

At this point, we don’t have many options left, and shouldn’t be so hasty to object to anything that might have a nominal impact on us. I can see being a nimby to a new prison, factory, incinerator, or maybe even an office building, but something that is going to help us, our children and grand children overcome the most serious obstacle that mankind has ever faced, come on man. We have to stop being so petty and haughty that we destroy ourselves for the simple fact that we are a bunch of nimbies, now that is just ludicrous. Someday I hope we can all laugh at this as we look out the window at the wind turbine or solar panel energy farms and enjoy or planets beauty. Trust me, the wind farms, and other better ideas will look just fine after we get used to them, just like the power lines, or other new things that pop up around us. And we will come to enjoy them and learn to live with them like anything else in our lives, and accept them as the way to a better future for every resident of this planet, both man and beast. Give it a chance, what do we have to lose? Also, if you hate them that much, you can always move!

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