Orange County Choppers Foreclosure

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Another Family Destoyed By A Reality Show?

Orange County Choppers Foreclosure more commonly known as American Choppers has stood out as a highly successful reality TV show. It previewed a family involved with working hard to build custom made high end motorcycles at their New York Based OCC facility.

This primarily was a small business that was a side project of the Paul Tuetel Sr and Jr steel works. The two were making sure that all was working properly and that the new custom bikes were of high quality.

Even as American Choppers was a really successful TV show and their popularity constantly grew, nowadays everything is hard for the Tuetel family. Following American Choppers for some time now from a distance, I could see why they (the main three) from the show/company parted due to reasons unknown, but my speculation is pride. Since then Paul Sr. and Jr. have been locked in a battle to do with his son’s 20 percent stake in OCC. When it was first learned that the lenders of the OCC headquarters had filed a foreclosure, we assumed that it was to do with this ongoing family feud, but they do not seem to be related. This goes to the root of one of our problems here in America, and maybe the world for that matter, is our level of narcissism, and all the reality shows that abound promoting anybody to the level of false stardom and thus, and ethical conundrum, and a whole new story for that matter.

As American Choppers faces Foreclosure as they have unpaid mortgage debts totaling over $100,000. The problem is that OCC did not want to make these payments as they were looking to have loan changes made as deflation dropped property price for the facility that houses the American Choppers facility. The reason why they want to make a few changes to the mortgage terms is because the building is not worth as much as it was back in 2007. It is no secret that the auto industry has had a tough few years, as has the housing market; it is for this reason why the headquarters is now worth $4 million to $5 million less than it once was.

Neither OCC nor lender GE Commercial Finance would make any official statement, but one would assume that this little blip in the road will go away. OCC is♠ in a world brand now, so they would not risk anything to lose their building where things are not only built but run as well.

Nobody knows what will happen but the situation is not a pleasant one. Orange County Choppers Foreclosure is imminent even if there is no risk of a bankruptcy attached.

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