PaperStone Recycled Countertop A Great Natural Choice for Your Kitchen

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Woman cleaning paperstone recycled countertop

PaperStone recycled countertop a great natural choice for your kitchen is a very smooth, dense countertop material that can be used in bathrooms or kitchens. It is non-toxic, and is made from all natural and recycled materials. It is a composite material made from paper or cardboard and water-based resin that is free from any toxic petroleum products. The paper product is thoroughly saturated with this resin, and the material is then pressed and heated to form a durable surface.

It is often made from used paper, making it an eco-friendly option. The name, PaperStone, is apt – not only is it made from paper, but the feel of the resulting surface is said to resemble stone, particularly the silky texture of soapstone.

Here are some other attributes of PaperStone.

1. Highly Durable – Don’t let the name fool you; PaperStone is tough. It is so dense and smooth that bacteria are unable to multiply on its surface, making it ideal for kitchens or bathrooms.

2. Non-toxic – It does not have the same toxic chemicals that synthetic plastics do. “Out gassing,” or vapors emitted from soft plastics and other chemicals into indoor air, is not a concern with it.

3. Eco-friendly – As mentioned before, it is made from recycled paper and cardboard. It comes in varying grades that refer to the percentage of recycled material used in its manufacture.

4. Versatile – It is versatile in two ways. First, its neutral look works well with many decors. It comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit most decorating needs. Second, it is very versatile in its uses – door thresholds, paneling, window sills, and chair rails are some of the uses for it that you may not have considered.

5. Heat-resistant – While manufacturers still recommend that you use a trivet, it is heat-resistant up to 350 degrees.

6. Stain-resistant – While it is not stain-proof, it will resist stains.

7. Workable – It can be “worked” like hardwoods or conventional countertops. Tools that cut Formica, wood, or other conventional countertops can be used on it. Therefore, cutting it to size or setting a sink into it is no problem. While a respirator should always be worn when cutting or sanding hard materials, an added bonus to cutting PaperStone is that it won’t produce toxic, chemical-laden dust.

8. Cost-competitive – It is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive material available for countertops. It is said to be similar in cost to granite, but the installation of it costs less.

9. Made in USA – It is made in the United States, which means less fossil fuel is used to transport it.

PaperStone recycled countertop is a great natural choice for your kitchen and should be taken seriously when planning your next kitchen remodeling endeavor.

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