Preserve Natural Resources Recycling Natural Resources

Preserve Natural Resources Recycling Natural Resources,natural,resources,water,planet,food,preserve,actions,air,begin,daily

This is an example of taking for granted the air we breath, as we pollute it with tons of toxic chemicals and gases daily

How to preserve natural resources begins with recycling natural resources. Let’s face it, all the resources we have are not infinite, except wind and sun energy. Oil, metals, and other materials are finite in nature, and most are not replaceable unless we recycle them.

We do have the trees, plants, and food which we are able to replant and grow anew from seeds but those have limitations as well. We use more and more plant and food plants in the form of ethanol to support our fatal addiction to automobiles and oil, in an effort to reduce our co2 emissions, which puts a strain on the worlds food supplies and also raises the prices of all types of food, including meat and dairy due to higher feed costs.

Then we have water, which may seem like an infinite commodity, but with our lack of respect and blatant disregard to those water supplies, we are finding it harder to come across safe drinking water in some areas of the world. We dump toxins, both by accident and some of us intentionally into the water supply. This is not a good idea, as sooner or later it will come back to us, either in our drinking water or the food we eat.

We also have the air, which is comparable to water, in that it seems infinate in nature, but it also has it’s limitations. We spew out millions and millions of tons per day of toxic, deadly chemicals and gases into our air and atmosphere, some of which are also refered to as greenhouse gases which are creating global warming and rapid climate change. This is also a natural resource which we must learn to respect with the due importance it deserves.

Animals are another form of natural resources which we must better respect and preserve. If we let animals go the way of dinosaurs, sooner or later that will come back to haunt us, as the entire ecosystem and food chain will be altered. If it gets altered enough, we could have major problems with food supplies and other natural resources we daily take for granted.

The point we are trying to make here is that the time has come for us to stand up and take responsibility for our actions, and act responsibly towards the preservation of our natural resources, all of them! We can’t continue to do business as usual anymore without the bad end results of our negative actions on the planet making life more difficult for every living thing on this planet. It may seem like a little of this and a little of that in the water, or air for that matter doesn’t matter, and it probably didn’t matter so much when there were only several hundred million, or maybe even a billion or so people on the planet. Now we have 6 plus billion and growing, which puts us on the spot and is beginning to tax the natural resources on this planet so we must start to preserve natural resources and recycling natural resources so we won’t run out one of these days. Moving to the Moon or Mars is not an option anytime soon, and if we can’t even take care of our own planet now, we have no business running off and destroying another world like we are to this one.

When we talk about preserve natural resources, we really mean all of them, not just aluminum or a forest here and there. This is a global crisis which must be dealt with equally on a global scale. Even if climate predictions are at a minimum, we face some severe draughts, and food shortages which will surely follow. We must learn to preserve natural resources like water, and wetlands so we won’t face life threatening shortages in the future. We need to stop being wasteful with our water, period. It is probably the most important resource we have on this planet, yet we readily dump toxic waste into it on a daily basis, and only God knows how much. The oil spill in the gulf is spewing out 200,000 gallons daily, which is going to get into fish, and everything else it comes into contact with over a vast expanse of water. We really need to take a good look at ourselves and what we are doing to this planet. This cannot continue without some dire consequences ultimately reining down upon us, and I fear more and more now, that it is not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen, and unless we take drastic measures to curb our reckless ways soon, it may be too late.

I think at this point, it is truly time to take actions, and not spew out a bunch of people pleasing rhetoric that comes out of our beloved leaders. We throw out so much in this nation, it is a shame, and worse yet, we make how many disposable items? Disposable cameras, phones, many of the electronics we buy are considered disposable because it would be cheaper to buy a new one than repair them. They also contain toxins which are harmful to the earth and living things as well. We have become a disposable society, and think we can buy our way out of anything. The problem is we can’t throw money at this and make it go away. It is here to stay, and we must respond in a positive manner instead of fighting every inch of the way to making this planet a safer, healthier environment for everyone. We have to not only begin recycling natural resources, but man made ones as well. We must preserve natural resources that exist in all forms, and hopefully undo some of the damage we have done to this planet. It may take thosuands of years to undo some of the damage we have done to this poor place, and considering that it is our only option for life at this time, or anytime for that matter, I think is totally unforgiveable.

We, for the moment seem to be focused on one area only, and that is energy, and greenhouse gases which arise from the current production of our energy, but we have many more issues that must be dealt with as well. We need to readjust our lives totally to live in harmony with the planet and to begin to be grateful for the things we daily take for granted, such as the air we breath, the water we drink, the trees and flowers, birds and animals we see each day. At the rate we are going now, they may not be there much longer. Call me cynical, call a naughty name, many may deny this and fight tooth and nail to oppose any such actions towards our trying to preserve our natural resources as we have seen many times in the past. As things grow worse though, more and more are beginning to see the light, and are becoming more aware of their daily actions which are detrimental to the planet. We need for everyone, everywhere to be more aware of what they are doing, and the cost of those actions, just the same as if you were at the job doing something you knew were wrong, but still did it anyways. We need to start to take responsibility for our actions in every step of our daily lives, whether it be driving to the store 4 blocks away instead of walking, or shuning the public transportation system because it is for “them” and not us.

I am making the call today for us to step forward, and begin to raise awareness of not only our energy use, but our wasting of water, poisoning of the same water, and the air we breath, and our wasteful habits. Let us all begin to take care of this planet the same as we would our new home or new car. Let us treat her with the respect she deserves and not take for granted the things that give us life everyday, like our air and water, and food. Like it or not, it is the only home we have and there is nothing we can do about that for a long time to come, so we had better start to get with the program and begin our journey together towards a healthier and safer lifestyle for both ourselves and our planet. Lets begin to preserve natural resources today and start recycling natural resources wherever and whenever we can. For more tips on how to be more eco-friendly read REducing Home Energy Use which highlights how to save energy, but it also has many other tips for other useful ideas around the home most people wouldn’t think of. We also have water conservation articles in the water conservation category here. We hope that preserve natural resources recycling natural resources hasn’t scared you away, but enlightened you and made you aware of what we are doing and help you to make a committment to a greener lifestyle, which isn’t all that bad, in fact it is pretty good after you get used to it! Peace my friends, and remember we are all in this together, so together we can overcome this!

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