Primary Causes of Climate Variability


Greenhouse effect global warming affects everyone

Primary Causes of Climate Variability

Due to “global warming” and the so-called “greenhouse effect”, sudden climate changes are experienced in all parts of the world. Climate changes produce a variation in the Earth’s atmosphere that is felt in other parts of the globe like the ice caps and oceans.

The Earth is always experiencing climate variability according to several climate specialists. In general, climate is identified by a long-term pattern of weather conditions. Climate is not similar to weather since the latter refers to short-term variations such as the development and movement of the weather system.

The climate’s variability and predictability is defined as the often cyclic, natural and regularly high variation in terms of climate or weather. In fact, climate change can be human-induced or natural. It can also show longer-term trends. The longer-term variation in climate is frequently well preserved in aquifers.

The effect of “global warming” that goes hand in hand with the greenhouse effect produces unexpected climate variations in different parts of the world. Tropical countries are now hotter during summer with a range of 37- 40 degrees Celsius. Icebergs of cold countries are now melting, and this causes floods and other disasters.

Types of Programs and Groups that Study Climate change and Variability

• ESRL or Earth System Research Laboratory Group – This system contains a lot of chemical, biological, and physical processes required to be dynamically combined to predict their performance over the scale level from local to global standards. The ESRL or Earth System Research Laboratory officials are working together towards the greater surveillance of the Earth through a number of studies to understand the changes and processes of the Earth’s system.

• CVWG or Climate Variability Working Group – This organization was developed to study both induced and natural patterns of climate variability when it comes to CCSM or its component models. It also observes various weather conditions with the CCSM component model.

• Managing Climate Variability Group – This group created a somewhat subprogram called “Managing Climate Variability Sub-program”. The program focuses on adaptation of obtainable information significant to climate science research. They also have a goal to produce improved and effective decisions concerning weather forecasts.

• USGS Researcher Group – This research group synthesize, compile, and analyze climate change in the United States. It also provides a basis of understanding the specific effects of yearly climate variability including the discharge and recharge of climate change.

• KNMI Researcher Group – This group of researchers operate 24 hours a day just to inform the public about their main focus which is weather change and seismology. In the international level, this group works with the other research institutes that are established in Europe, Brazil and London.

• Climate Dynamic Group – The objective of this group is to use the climate model in order to develop an understanding of climate variability, change and predictability. This group also aims to develop the performance of the climate model through diagnostic and evaluation studies. The group is still participating in international model experiments such as Couple Model Intercomparison Project, the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project, the Climate of 20th Century Project and the Cloud Model Intercomparison Project.

• UBS Climate Prediction Group – They are dedicated primarily to studying short-term climate prediction and variability. The UBC group develops the neural networks and the other machine learning process for nonlinear multivariate.

• Climate Variations Diagnostic Group – This group studies the mechanisms of the normal variability in the ocean as well as the atmospheric system. This is done in order to let the public know. Furthermore, they perform common circulation model experiments to elucidate the mechanisms of quick atmospheric response to the anomalies in the mind.

• Climate Impact Group – They study the impact of global climate change and natural climate variability on the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The climate impact group focuses on the association of climate science and fundamental research on climate impact.

• Climate variability affects almost all the human activities and natural systems. The direct impact of climate includes the following: water quantity, agriculture, human health and ecosystems. Actually, predicting and understanding climate change is vital to the public and this necessitates a broad array of decision makers. The goals of all climate researchers and groups are listed below.

• Describe and detect the climate variations

• Understand the functions of clouds in climate and radiative forcing

• Attribute and diagnose the causes of man-made forcing or climate variations to natural

• Predict and forecast the climate events

• Provide improved certainty of chaotic systems

• Improve predictive climate model

• Cryosphere and climate interactions

• Detect and describe the atmospheric ozone

• Measure the stratospheric aerosol of volcanic eruption, flashflood and much more

• Improve the information that they give to the public about climate changes.

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