Rain Barrel Set Up Project Rain Barrel Art Paint Rain Barrel

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Rain water is great for water conservation!

Rain Barrel set up project, rain barrel art, paint rain barrel will show you how to take advantage of the many benefits of these useful items. You may have heard about the benefits and advantages of having one, but perhaps you were deterred by the idea of an unsightly plastic or aluminum barrel in your garden or yard. There are some fairly attractive rain barrels on the market today that will look fine in your garden, and maybe even enhance it a bit. Let us first take a look at some of the materials that they are made from, and what type would look good in your garden. Then we’ll look at the some of the advantages of having one as well as how to paint rain barrel and make them more attractive in your garden, or anywhere for that matter, and they are also good for water conservation.

* Plastic Resin – If you are concerned about the environment (and you probably are if you’re looking into getting one), there are barrels which are made from recycled plastic resins. Both the recycled and conventional varieties come in earth tone type colors, usually dark green or brown, which are intended to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

* Salvaged Food-Grade Barrels – Another eco-friendly option is to salvage a food-grade plastic barrel used to ship liquids such as juice concentrate. These are often plain white plastic, but you can paint one with spray paint, or paint a design on it using acrylic paints. Make the design on it blend in with the vegetation around it, and it will look as if it belongs there.

* Wood – Wooden rain barrels can provide a very natural look for your garden. Some companies sell wooden rain barrels made from used oak wine barrels.

Ways to Beautify Rain Barrel Art

No matter what option you choose, there are some ways to make yours an even more attractive addition to your garden or yard. As mentioned above, try barrel painting with designs that will match the surrounding landscape in your garden, such as a bench, wall, or trellis, or paint vegetation that looks like a continuation of the plants around the barrel. For example, if your barrel is in a bed of ivy, paint ivy vines up the barrel, or better yet, wrap it with some of those real vines.

Plantings around your barrel can also help to make it look at home in your garden. Sunflowers are tall and can almost hide the object around which they are planted. Or you could take a more subtle approach and plant flowers such as pansies or petunias around the base. Whatever you choice you make, make sure it reflects the overall schema of the garden, and choose plants that are elsewhere in your garden for a unifying effect.

Advantages of these

* Using rain water instead of the garden hose to water your garden and lawn can really conserve water and save you money, since this accounts for one of the greatest uses of water in the summer months and helps with water conservation.

* You can also wash your car or pet with rain water. In fact, you can wash your own hair with it, too.

* Rain water is free from chemical treatments and chlorine, and is healthier for your plants.

* They will reduce storm run-off in your community and help with water conservation. If you are ambitious, you can add several. Another good idea though is to get one, or several of them and fix your rain downspouts so that your water that drains from your roof goes into the rain barrels as well. This not only will reduce storm runoff to a great degree, but will also be good for your house if you have basement issues, like cracks and, or, leaks. It also helps if you don’t have the slope away from your house to keep water away from the foundation. The less water you have near the foundation of your home, the better! In any case, don’t be shy if your are going to take advantage of the rain barrels benefits. We hope the rain barrel set up project rain barrel art paint rain barrel has helped you in your pursuit of a greener way of life! Peace!

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