Rare January Tornadoes Touch Down in Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi

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Rare January Tornadoes Touch Down in Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi

Rare January tornadoes touched down in Mississippi, Indiana and Kentucky on Tuesday, including one that hit a home in Mississippi and injured at least one person, meteorologists reported.

In a rare winter event, at least up to this date, rare January tornadoes in Indiana and Kentucky knocked out power lines, downed trees and caused property damage, while a Sheriff’s Department dispatcher said the Mississippi tornado struck a home in south Marion County, and a person who was inside suffered a possible broken arm.

Tornadoes are not normal for this time of the year in Indiana and neighboring Kentucky, however twisters can occasionally hit Mississippi during the winter months, said Dan Pydynowski, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather.com, whose company provides forecasting services.

These January tornadoes were caused by a cold front combined with a warm and humid air mass moving up from the gulf which contributed to the latest outbreak of twisters, but those conditions were dissipating, “the threat’s pretty much come to an end everywhere, so I don’t think there’s any more tornadic activity to worry about anywhere at this point,” Pydynowski said.

January Tornado Damage Bilde

January Tornado Damage Bilde

In the area of Louisville, Kentucky, a twister knocked down trees and power lines along roadways, the National Weather Service said. There were 4 confirmed tornadoes which raged through the Louisville area Tuesday morning, toppling trees and vehicles and leaving thousands without power.

The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado, with winds up to 95 mph, touched down near the Watterson Expressway and Brownsboro Road, tracking northeast. No deaths were reported as the tornado cut a four-mile swath through a suburban area late Tuesday morning. But police said one person was killed later in a chain-reaction crash while traffic was diverted away from where the two semis overturned.

An EF-0 tornado reaching 85 mph briefly touched down at the Madison, Ind., Municipal County Airport, causing some damage.

A third tornado, an EF-0 with winds reaching 75 mph, touched down in the Walmart parking lot at Veterans Parkway in Clarksville, knocking over vehicles and damaging buildings on a 2-mile path.

And Tuesday night the weather service confirmed a fourth tornado, an EF-0, touched down on East Riley Road in Floyds Knobs about 11 a.m.

No one was killed or seriously injured during the storms.

The Louisville area appeared to be among the hardest hit in Kentucky, though storm warnings stretched into south-central and Eastern Kentucky. The Indiana towns of Clarksville, Jeffersonville and Madison also saw businesses damaged and trees uprooted.

To the north in Clark County, Indiana, a twister touched down in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, the Weather Service added. When the twister moved, a vehicle was turned over on nearby Interstate 65, the agency said.

At Madison Municipal Airport in southeast Indiana, a twister also damaged a Beechcraft King Air when it moved the small plane and broke its nose gear, the Weather Service said.

Another occurrence of climate change, as the weird weather continues right where it left off in 2011, so maybe these rare January tornadoes aren’t going to be so rare anymore, such as the January 7th 2008 Severe Weather / Tornado Outbreak.

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