Recycle Bubble Wrap The Different Re-Uses of Bubble Wrap

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This Material Has Many Different Ways to Re-Use It!

Recycle bubble wrap, so take advantage of the durability of this plastic versatile wrap, and find some of the many creative ways to re-use it. There are actually quite a few uses for this entertaining wrap. Here are some ideas to help you to re-use this versatile product.

* Insulate potted plants against heat and cold. You can line the inside of the pot with this wrapping before filling it with dirt to keep the pot from getting too hot. For winter, wrap the outside of the pot with this useful wrap. This is especially good for bonsai trees; they need to overwinter outside but their roots can get damaged by freezing temperatures.

* Use the springy wrap as a pad under your sleeping bag as padding so you don’t have to sleep on top of a hard surface. You can tape small sheets together with duct tape if you don’t have a piece that large.

* Wrap your hot casserole or other food in this wrapping to keep it hot. If you need to take the food to a gathering or party, it will also help to stabilize the container during the transport of the food containers.

* Cold foods can also benefit from bubble wrap’s insulating properties, too. Wrap cold or frozen food in this versatile wrap to keep it cold. You can put a layer of this wrapping over the ice in your cooler as well. It will keep the ice frozen longer and the items inside colder.

* It is also useful in the fridge and freezer. You can line your crisper drawer with it, protecting fruits and vegetables from damage. The freezer can benefit from this wrap too. When you open your freezer door, cold air pours out. But if you stuff the wrap in the empty spaces of your freezer, it will prevent this outpouring of cold air and make your freezer perform more efficiently.

* Insulate the windows in your home or greenhouse with this type of wrapping. It’s clear, so light comes through but not cold. Generally, a bit of water sprayed on a clean window is sufficient to get the bubbles to adhere to the glass.

* Using the wrap and duct tape, insulate your water heater and pipes.

* Cover your car windshield at night to prevent frost on your windshield in the morning. The frost, snow and ice will be on this wrap, not the glass. Just peel it off and your window will be clear.

* Clear glass vases look attractive with it placed in the bottom. Use it instead of clear marbles or other material to keep flowers in place.

* If you have an outdoor swimming pool, lay a sheet of this material on the water’s surface. The bubbles capture the sun’s heat and act as solar heaters for your pool water.

We hope that Recycle Bubble Wrap The Different Re-Uses of Bubble Wrap helps you to be more eco-friendly with this durable plastic!

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