Recycle Packaging How to Re-Use Old Packaging

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Don't throw them away, creatively reuse these in many different ways!

Recycle packaging, how to re-use your old packaging, because regardless of the time of year, it can seem like your home is full of discarded packaging of various sorts. During the holiday season it’s even worse. Besides recycling, there are some creative things you can do with some of that packaging. Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Packing peanuts

There are so many interesting and creative uses for packing peanuts. They come in different colors that actually indicate how much recycled material was used in their manufacture. But for creative purposes, the colors open more possibilities.

* Pink, green and white colored peanuts can be strung on thread to make a “popcorn” chain for your Christmas tree.

* Because they float, the peanuts can be used to make a float for a fishing line. If you’re going to be around water, say on a boat, camping or swimming, you can attach some packing peanuts to your keys. If they fall in the water, the packing peanuts will keep them from sinking.

* Put the peanuts in the bottom of plant pots for drainage. They are much lighter than gravel.

2. Cardboard boxes

There are many uses for cardboard boxes. Here are a few.

* Cut them up for craft projects. So many projects require sheets of cardboard.

* Line several cardboard boxes with foil to make a solar cooker or sun oven.

* Cut a hole in a cardboard box to make a cozy bed for your cat. Line a shallow, open cardboard box with a towel or other soft material for another kind of pet bed.

* Use boxes as over sized building blocks. Or leave one side of the box open to make nesting boxes. You and your kids may want to decorate them with paint, markers, and so forth or wrap them in colorful paper first.

* Cut them up into strips for kindling.

* I once made a car for a school project out of cardboard boxes.

* Furniture – Don’t laugh, I actually did this once when I was much younger. There are some really sturdy boxes that you can use for table stands, night stands, or to make a wall storage unit. You can just place something over the top of the box to make it more solid and decorate the outside to your own tastes. If it is sturdy enough, you can also cut a hole in it to use for storage.

* They have many different possibilities. Your imagination is the only limit here.

3. Wrapping paper

* Wrap these boxes in old wrapping paper to make decorative “gifts” for Christmas decorations. You can also use them as colorful, over sized building blocks as described above.

* Shred it to use for packaging or to stuff Christmas gift bags.

* Use it to make origami Christmas ornaments or origami creations with no particular seasonal theme.

* Cut and fold rectangles of wrapping paper to make gift tags.

* Cut strips of wrapping paper of equal length and width, and interlock them to make a pretty paper chain.

4. FedEx envelopes

* If you have 3 or 4 of these large, padded envelopes, you can make a protective sleeve for your laptop.

* Donate your waterproof Tyvek FedEx envelope to a building organization. There are whole projects that collect and use used FedEx envelopes to build playgrounds and other structures.

We hope that Recycle Packaging How to Re-Use Old Packaging helps you to make better use of your old packaging waste and become more eco-friendly!

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