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Solar Renewable Energy – Is Solar Energy Renewable and Can it Meet our Energy Needs?

Solar renewable energy storage

Solar renewable energy, is solar energy renewable is a question many people ask us. It is also a question which is both easy and hard to answer, if that makes sense. It is clean energy, and it is sustainable, and at face value it is renewable, as the sun shines every day. However it is …

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Woolly Mammoth May Walk Earth Again As Researchers Aim to Resurrect Mammoth

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Will the Woolly Mammoth walk the Earth again? Japanese researchers will launch a project this year to resurrect the long-extinct woolly mammoth by using cloning technology to bring the ancient pachyderm back to life in around five years time. The researchers will try to revive the species by obtaining tissues this summer from the carcass …

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Silybum Marianum Milk Thistle for a Healthy Liver

Silybum Marianum Milk Thistle for a Healthy Liver,liver,milk,silymarin,thistle,healthy,leaves,toxins,body,cells,damage

Silybum Marianum Milk Thistle for a healthy liver, and according to James Duke, PhD, Silybum marianum has been used for at least 2000 years as a remedy for liver ailments. The common name, milk thistle, refers to both the white veins visible on the leaves and the herb’s use as a lactation aid for nursing …

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Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity


Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity Mercury is a heavy metal that has high toxicity and has had a variety of uses throughout history, evidence of its use being found in several ancient civilisations. However, perhaps the most controversial use is that in the dental amalgam. In the mid-nineteenth century, the mercury-silver-tin-copper-cadmium mix began to prove …

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