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August SPC1350 Solar Battery Charger 1350 mAh/5.5VD

August SPC1350 Solar Battery Charger 1350 mAh/5.5VD A reliable spare battery and emergency charger for mobile phones and almost all personal digital devices AC USB power adaptor and charger included and comes with 8 USB/1.5/2.5/3.5mm converters/adaptors/cables Stylish and compact design, 1350 mAh battery, dimensions 93x43x10 mm and weight 55g Self-sufficient solar panel can charge the …

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Creating a Disaster Survival Kit

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Creating a Disaster Survival Kit This Survival Kit will help a lot during natural disasters. FAMILY PREPAREDNESS Preparing for natural disaster with a Disaster Survival Kit, whether it’s a hurricane, tsunami, flood, or some other event can mean the difference between life and death. Taking the time to assemble a Disaster Survival Kit before a …

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Medical Emergencies List – Medical Emergencies That Need Immediate Action

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Medical emergencies are a part of life for everyone, whether it is for you, a loved one, ore someone at work, or a stranger on the street. The American College of Emergency Physicians has developed this list of warning signs for a medical emergency: Medical Emergencies Bleeding that will not stop Breathing problems (difficulty breathing, …

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Children Poisoning How to Respond If Your Child Takes Poison


Just how would you respond if children poisoning were to happen accidentally in your home? There is nothing more alarming than hearing your child scream from somewhere else in the house. You run to their side only to find an unlabeled bottle lying next to them and their face as red as a beet. What …

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