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Compost How To Start Leaves Compost

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I’m sure how to recycle your garden waste isn’t at the top of everyone’s priority lists right now, but with spring and summer right around the corner now, it is nearing the time to bring out the rakes, lawnmowers, watering buckets and the rest of our gardening tools. Compost how to start leaves compost helps …

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Native Plants Why We Should Garden With Them

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Native plants, why we should garden with them, and when we think of the typical garden, it often conjures up images of perfectly groomed and trimmed plants and flowers amid a clean bed of mulch. Many gardeners choose their plants based on what “look” they want to achieve, or other desired benefits. However, that approach …

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Garden and green a great combination top green backyard gardening tips

Garden and green a great combination top green backyard gardening tips,green backyard, backyard gardening, backyard gardening tips, natural pesticides, gardening tips,natural,green,backyard,compost,garden,gardening,make,pesticides,available,tips

Garden and green – a great combination – top green backyard gardening tips is a green activity in itself, there are ways to make it an even more eco-friendly experience. Sometimes, gardening deviates from the natural and enters the realm of the harmful. For example, some gardeners use chemical fertilizers without even realizing it, and …

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Different Ways of Composting Food Waste

compost food waste,compost,food,garden,scraps,waste,composting,trench,bed,green

There are so many ways to compost your food waste. There is some sort of composting option for everyone! Here are some of the ways you can compost your food waste. 1. Trench Composting If this is allowed in your area, trench composting is a very simple and odor-free method that can be done easily …

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Green Roof What to Consider When Planning to Install a “Green” Roof

green roof,green,roof,intensive,roofs,require,consider,extensive,maintenance,garden,install

Green Roof What to Consider When Planning to Install One, and in various times, places, and cultures, this roof was the norm. People lived in earthen homes that were sometimes dug out of hillsides or creek banks, and the native grasses and wildflowers grew naturally on top. Other homes had sod or thatched grass roofs. …

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Green Alternatives to Pesticides Home-made Natural Garden Sprays That Keep Pests Away

Green Alternatives to Pesticides Home-made Natural Garden Sprays That Keep Pests Away,natural garden sprays,alternatives pesticides home, natural garden, garden sprays,dangerous chemical pesticides,green alternaitves pesticides,spray,garlic,water,soap,add,cups,garden,pests,chili,liquid

Have you been wanting to use a more natural type of pest control in your garden and getting rid of your toxic, dangerous chemical pesticides? You can make your own natural garden sprays to control pests, and the ingredients are not expensive. In fact, you probably have a lot of these items already in your …

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How You Can Be Harvesting Rainwater

rainwater,water,barrel,rain,attachment,barrels,harvesting,hose,garden,rooftop,harvesting rainwater

Every time it rains most of us aren’t harvesting rainwater, and we’re missing out on a unique opportunity. Hundreds of gallons are going into the soil. They’re saturating plants that don’t need any more hydration. The water is funneling down the community drains and sewers. Plainly put, it’s just being totally wasted. However, if you …

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Helpful Green Eco-Friendly Lawn and Yard Tips

Helpful Green Eco-Friendly Lawn and Yard Tips,eco friendly lawn, green eco friendly lawn, lawn yard tips,lawn,grass,plants,use,eco,friendly,garden,make,native,beautiful

Helpful Green Eco-Friendly Lawn and Yard Tips, the green American lawn, with its well-groomed, square patch of grass, can come at an environmental price. Because a lawn that is nothing but grass (all clipped to a uniform length) is a rather unnatural thing, achieving it often means the use of gas-powered machines, pesticides, and weed …

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How to Grow Your own Food For Increased Security, Health, Financial and Happiness Benefits


Learning how to grow your own food is becoming more essential for financial and climate reasons. First of all, consider the price of food that keeps on increasing it seems with each passing day. Next we have the climate change condition, which dumps heavy rainfalls producing floods, and other upcoming disasters like droughts and other …

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Easy Gardening Tips Easy Ways to Be a Smart Summer Gardener

water,plants,sown,summer,fall,garden,gardening,easy,need,like,gardening tips

We wrote these easy gardening tips to make it easier for you to be a smart summer gardener because it’s so rewarding to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your gardening efforts. Sitting among your herbs and flowers, breathing the beautiful scents and seeing the lovely colors, is well worth the effort of a …

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