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Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids about the Importance of Earth Day 2011

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Earth day 2011 is an opportunity to educate. It provides a very unique change to share with children your appreciation for the earth. In fact, with a few simple lessons or experiences you can help your children learn to value the earth too. Use this celebration to make a positive impact on your children and …

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Eco Therapy What Is It and How Does It Work?

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Eco therapy is an application of eco-psychology. It is geared toward helping people learn to cope by forging a connection with nature. Specifically, eco-therapy addresses clients’ anxieties and fears about the environment (eco-anxiety). People who practice eco-therapy are called eco-therapists, although some conventional therapists integrate eco-therapy into their practices. Eco-anxiety is a relatively new psychological …

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Unschooling – A New Approach to Teaching and Learning


Unschooling is an interesting term that has a tendency to defy a precise definition. Like “unchaining” or “unleashing,” unschooling is an “un” with a positive connotation. Essentially, unschooling is an unconventional approach to educating kids that does not follow the institutional school model. Unschoolers do not use a traditional curriculum like homeschoolers do. The core …

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