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Natural Antibiotics Alternative Natural Antibiotics May Help Treating Superbugs


Natural antibiotics can play a prominent role in today’s war against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Some natural sources for them are garlic and other herbs and spices, and can have an increasingly important role in fighting bacteria associated with some infectious diseases. In the article the pros and cons of antibiotics, we discuss the dangers of pharmaceutical, …

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Beat the Cold and Flu Natural Cold Remedies and Natural Flu Remedies

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When it comes to natural cold remedies and natural flu remedies to beat a cold and flu, there are two approaches: prevention and treatment. These both can make for miserable times for anyone whom catches either of these nasty bugs, and they are both also highly contagious unless we take precautions. There are natural remedies …

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Preserve Natural Resources Recycling Natural Resources

Preserve Natural Resources Recycling Natural Resources,natural,resources,water,planet,food,preserve,actions,air,begin,daily

How to preserve natural resources begins with recycling natural resources. Let’s face it, all the resources we have are not infinite, except wind and sun energy. Oil, metals, and other materials are finite in nature, and most are not replaceable unless we recycle them. We do have the trees, plants, and food which we are …

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Natural and Safe Home Flea Remedies and Tick Repellents for Cats and Dogs

flea,garlic,natural,tick,pets,Home Flea Remedies,Natural and Safe Home Flea Remedies and Tick Repellents for Cats and Dogs

Natural and safe home flea remedies and tick repellents for cats and dogs, so with rising concerns about the toxicity of conventional flea and tick control, some pet owners are looking for natural alternatives. Fleas and ticks are a nuisance, and they can transmit diseases such as tapeworms, allergic reactions, and heartworm. A large infestation …

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Clean Energy Fuel What Are They?

gas,renewable,natural,emissions,coal,power,clean,dioxide,energy,co₂,clean energy fuel

Clean energy fuel definitions vary, depending on who you ask or where you look to for an answer. Some people think natural gas is a clean burning energy source and it is widely advertised as being “clean”, however it is not clean by any means. When we look at the power plant, the burning of …

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Eco Therapy What Is It and How Does It Work?

eco therapy, eco anxiety,eco,anxiety,therapy,clients,learn,people,therapists,environment,helping,natural

Eco therapy is an application of eco-psychology. It is geared toward helping people learn to cope by forging a connection with nature. Specifically, eco-therapy addresses clients’ anxieties and fears about the environment (eco-anxiety). People who practice eco-therapy are called eco-therapists, although some conventional therapists integrate eco-therapy into their practices. Eco-anxiety is a relatively new psychological …

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Natural Steps to Control Your Pain With Natural Relief

pain,natural,relief,help,circulation,pain natural relief,control pain natural

Natural steps to control your pain with natural relief, so if you are in pain, especially if it is nagging or chronic, you may be hoping to avoid taking medication but still want relief. Or maybe you would like to save money by managing your pain without resorting to chemical means. There are many non-medical, …

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Green Infrastructure – What is Green Infrastructure?

Porous Pavement Concrete Diagram

Green infrastructure – What is green infrastructure you ask? It is the interconnected network of open spaces and natural areas, such as greenways, wetlands, parks, forest preserves and native plant vegetation, that manages stormwater, reduces flooding risk and improves water quality naturally. This infrastructure usually costs less to install and maintain when compared to traditional …

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Holistic Valentines Day Gift Ideas

holistic,organic,make,valentine's,natural,day,romantic,candles,chocolate,gift,valentines day gift ideas

When searching for valentines day gift ideas, we should try the holistic approach.The term “holistic” (or “wholistic”) refers to the integrated interaction between the functioning parts of a whole. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to embrace this concept – heart, mind, and body. Here are some ideas for a holistic Valentine’s Day. Holistic Valentines …

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Environmental Allergens Allergy Reducing Decoration Ideas

natural,allergens,carpet,allergies,replace,cotton,furniture,organic,pillows,treatments,environmental allergens

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, you may feel overwhelmed at all the environmental allergens around your house. But you can reduce the number and prevalence of allergens in your home by doing some strategic redecorating. Here are some ideas. 1. Take Up the Carpet The wall-to-wall carpet in your home is probably …

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