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Rising Gas Prices Explained: Will Gas Prices Continue to Rise?

Bankers energy profits

Gas prices are certainly a concern for all of us, considering most of us, especially in America need to drive. While many here in America think it is President Obama’s fault, it is not. That is either right wing propaganda at work, misinformation, or lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject. President Obama Strikes …

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The Electric Car Why Electric Cars Are a Great Idea

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Did you know that one of the very first automobiles was the electric car? The concept of electric cars is often considered to be the product of an oil-weary culture, but it is actually an original automobile concept. Basically an electric carriage without the horse, these first electric vehicles were developed in Europe and evolved …

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The Benefits of Clove Oil

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The benefits of clove oil are many. Cloves originate from an evergreen tree called Eugenia Caryophyllata native to Indonesia, and the dried flower buds are what we know as cloves. The oil is extracted from these buds, and also from the stems and leaves. Clove has been used as a breath freshener and toothache reliever …

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Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages Explained

Solar Film

Solar power advantages and disadvantages can help to explain why it is not a more common power source in our society. Let us begin to explain why it isn’t more of a mainstream energy source today than we would like it to be. For starters, the initial costs are expensive, however, Solar Power Prices Are …

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State of the Union Address 2012: Obama Emphasizes Clean Energy and Environmental Policies


In his State of the Union Address 2012, President Barack Obama emphasized clean energy and environmental policies as he clearly laid out his energy agenda in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, promising “responsible development” of domestic oil and natural gas even as he pledged to invest in renewable energy. “We don’t have to …

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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Make Your Own Non-Toxic Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Non-toxic cleaning products make your own toxin free multi-purpose cleaner, so if you spill something on your counter or floor, you probably have some sort of “all-purpose cleaner” that you reach for, and it’s most likely in a spray bottle. But some of those chemical-laden cleaners are questionable at best and dangerous at worst – …

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How to Fight Flu with Vitamin D

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You may have heard of fighting colds with Vitamin C, but fight flu with Vitamin D may be new to you. Exposure to sunshine helps the body manufacture Vitamin D, and Vitamin D boosts the body’s own virus-fighting ability. This, along with other factors, is why colds and flu increase in the wintertime when there …

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Vegetable Oil as Fuel Pros and Cons of

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Vegetable Oil as Fuel Pros and Cons of, and with the use of it to power vehicle engines gaining popularity, it is also gaining viability as the technology improves. There are both pros and cons involved in using it to power vehicle engines, however. Here are some to consider. Pros 1. Abundant – This oil …

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BP Gulf Oil Spill The Cost of Our Dependency on Oil

BP gulf oil spill the cost of our dependency on oil, while oil flows into the gulf faster than our cars, one has to wonder. As of April 28th, 2010 Ian R McDonald, an oceanography professor at Florida State University estimates that 8 to 9 million gallons of oil had already spilled from his examinations …

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