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Why We Should Embrace Tranquility


Tranquility, and no, it isn’t a sea on the moon either, at least in this instance, by the way, but does the word evoke images of waterfalls, gardens and butterflies, peaceful rivers, or shady woods for you? Does such a scene seem impossible for you to achieve? Some of us get stuck thinking that this …

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Peace Building A Vision of World Peace in Mankind’s Fight For Survival

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Some of us may have different ideas of world peace and of peace building, and these may seem like a vision that is unattainable to some, if not most of us at times. Nationalism and imperialism seem to be major obstacles in attaining these goals, as we will further review those two topics later on …

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Merry Christmas In English German Whichever Language or Faith 2010 Best Wishes

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We here would like to wish all of our guests and friends a Merry Christmas in English, German, French, or whichever faith or religion you practice and your holiday, and whatever language or nationality you speak, and wish you the very best for the new year. It has been a hard year for many of …

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