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Plug In Hybrid Cars What Are They and How Do They Work

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Newer plug in hybrid cars are basically a car that combines the internal combustion engine and a battery-powered, electric motor. When the electric motor runs out of “fuel,” it is recharged via a “clean energy grid,” or plug-in. A plug-in hybrid can be recharged using an average home’s electrical current (110 volts). At this time, …

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2013 Ford Fusion Unveiled At Detroit Auto Showed & Named Official CES Car

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The 2013 Ford Fusion was unveiled this week at both the Detroit Auto Show and CES, where it was named official car of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Ford President and CEO Alan Mullaly revealed Ford’s plug-in hyrbid mid-size car today, the new Ford Fusion is said to be the most tech-centric car the American …

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