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Haiti Cholera Outbreak Spreading As Haiti Cholera Outbreak Threatens Port-au-Prince 1.3 Million Refugees

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Haiti’s cholera outbreak has Haiti’s government and aid workers and organizations fighting today to contain the cholera epidemic, as 5 new patients have been reported in the nations capital, although they seem to have been the result of people carrying the disease from the camps and not from the contaminated water in the capital. The …

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Eco Friendly Insulation Insulating Your Home for Winter the Eco-Friendly Way

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Eco friendly insulation, and insulating your home is an eco-friendly thing to do in itself. But using these types of insulation materials makes it double-green! Here are some safe tips on how you can start insulating your home for winter in an environmentally-conscious way. Green Materials Many of us think of insulation as the pink, …

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I need to prepare a paper on water conservation – please help?

Need to know what all should be the format and guidelines for preparing a document on water conservation.

Hair Rejuvenation – How to Rejuvenate Your Hair Naturally

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Hair rejuvenation, how to rejuvenate your hair naturally, and sometimes your hair just stops responding to commercial products, no matter what you do. Chemical-based shampoos, conditioners, and styling product can wear out your hair. So can sun, wind, and air pollution. Giving your hair a boost using natural ingredients may be just what you need. …

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What are the positive and negative human impacts and the pros and cons of water conservation?

What are the positive and negative human impacts and the pros and cons of water conservation? (WATER ONLY)

Making Homemade Paper How to Make Homemade Paper From Recycled Paper

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Making homemade paper, how to make homemade paper from recycled paper, so you probably didn’t realize that you can use the paper from your recycling bin to make your own paper at home. Newspaper works best, but you can use any paper that does not have a shiny coating. So raid your recycling bin and …

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Indoor House Plants Houseplant Care Tips to Keep Healthy Naturally

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Indoor house plants care, houseplant care tips to keep them healthy naturally, and most houseplants you have indoors have completely different needs than their outdoor counterparts. Houseplants are commonly kept in pots for one thing, and they receive their sun light through the windows. Here are some useful tips on keeping your plants healthy, and …

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What Are the Effects of Deforestation for the Environment Part 2

What Are the Effects of Deforestation for the Environment? *Biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the number of different species of plants and animals in a given area. The greater the diversity – that is, the more different species – the more rich and functional the ecosystem. It may not seem like a very significant matter, but …

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