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Top Tips to Help Your Children With Staying Hydrated This Summer

fruit,hydrated,water,add,kids,Top tips to help your children with staying hydrated this summer, staying hydrated

Top tips to help your children with staying hydrated this summer, so it’s very important to stay hydrated in the summer months, and kids can easily forget to drink enough. And if your kids drink the wrong kind of drink, it can do more harm than good. Here are some tips on keeping your children …

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Tankless Water Heaters System Are Eco-Friendly and Safer

tankless water heaters,tankless water heater,water,tankless,heaters,hot,systems,conventional,use,benefits,cold,eco

Tankless water heaters system are eco-friendly and safer, and these have been used for some time in Japan and parts of Europe. They are a relatively new concept in the U.S. however, where conventional water heaters are the standard. Tankless systems use heating elements to heat the water as it passes over them. There is …

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Winter Birds How to Help Prepare Wild Birds for the Cold Winter Months

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Winter birds, for when autumn progresses and you know winter will soon be setting in, it’s time to prepare wild birds for the cold ahead. Here are some tips for preparing these birds for the upcoming hard winter months ahead. * Take down hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds migrate, but if you leave your sugar-water feeder up …

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What can teens do to help out with water conservation ?

What can teens (a group of 10 teens between the ages of 12 – 16)do to help out with water conservation ? Big things not just turning off the water while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers. Also what can we do to spread the word ???

How You Can Be Harvesting Rainwater

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Every time it rains most of us aren’t harvesting rainwater, and we’re missing out on a unique opportunity. Hundreds of gallons are going into the soil. They’re saturating plants that don’t need any more hydration. The water is funneling down the community drains and sewers. Plainly put, it’s just being totally wasted. However, if you …

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Water conservation tips – How to conserve water at home

www.howdini.com Water conservation tips How to conserve water at home Most of us use far more water at home than we realize. Here are some good home water conservation tips from Patty Kim, of National Geographic’s Green Guide. Patty has numerous tips on how to cut back on water use, from the bathroom to the …

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Converting Your Toilet to a Low Flush Toilet Will Save Water and Money

Converting Your Toilet to a Low Flush Toilet Will Save Water and Money,converting toilet low flush,dual flush kit, low flush toilet,low flow toilet,save water,low flow, low flush,water,toilet,flush,low,save,dual,gallons,gallon,jug,money

Converting your toilet to a low flush toilet will save water and money, and saving water equals saving money, and toilets typically use a whole lot of water. In fact, about one quarter of a home’s entire water usage is from toilet use. Buying a low-flow toilet can get expensive, but you can convert your …

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Clean Soap Scum Naturally

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You can clean soap scum naturally, which also means safely. By naturally, we mean using natural ingredients such as vinegar or baking soda, not some harsh toxic chemical mixtures you buy at the store which work fine, but are not so good for your health or the environment. It is never good to let soap …

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Reducing Home Energy Use

Reducing Home Energy Use,home energy use, reducing home energy,light bulbs, save energy, energy use,energy,use,air,save,using,water,instead,need,green,house

Reducing home energy use, try these tips. A greener home is the first place to begin making small changes to help the environment and create a healthier and more enjoyable place to live. Here are 36 simple steps to help you in reducing home energy use, green up your life and change the planet. 1. …

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How to Make Your Own Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern

hot water boottle cover,hot water bottle cover pattern,cover,make,bottle,fleece,like,use,making,opening,pattern,water

How to make your own hot water bottle cover pattern is important, as they are safer and more comfortable when there is a cloth barrier between the hwb and a person’s skin. Having covers for a water bottle is convenient, and you can even easily make some eco-friendly covers yourself. Making your own bottle cover …

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