Today Is World Water Day 2010 – Clean Water for a Healthy World

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Filling barrel with water from hose, but is it safe?

Monday, March 22, 2010 which is today by the way, is the annual World Water Day Celebration, which for 2010 has chosen the theme ‘Clean Water for a Healthy World. This is due to the fact that every year, approximately 1,500 cubic kilometers of waste water is produced worldwide. These waste waters can be productively reused for both energy and irrigation, however it more often than not isn’t recycled into reusable water. Most developing nations only recycle or treat 20 percent of all the waste that is being discharged because of the lack of both resources and regulations. Both population and industrial expansion have increased the amounts of pollution and at the same time increased the demand for safer water. Because of these issues looming over the clean water supplies, both human and environmental health cna be degraded. Clean water supplies for both crop irrigation and drinking water for the present and future are in jeopardy. With water being the most critical to mankind’s health, and even for that matter existence, water pollution barely ever warrants talk as a pressing issue.

This is why the UN chose the Clean Water for a Healthy World theme for this years celebration, which has targeted the profile of water quality at the political level so that water quality considerations are made alongside those of safer water supplies. This goal of raising the water quality level is both noble and ethical, and should be as important as climate change on every bodies agendas. For more information on this day, you can visit their site to learn more about World Water Day and the World Health Organization or WHO.

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