We Wish A Happy New Year 2011 To All

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We wish you all the best for 2011!

We would like to wish a Happy New Year 2011 to all our guests and friends past, present and future. 2010 has held many challenges for us all, due to severe weather, natural disasters, man made disasters and the lack of a consensus on reducing greenhouse gases. We have made some strides in 2010, but they aren’t in line with what needs to be done to keep climate change effects within manageable limits.

We do have hope on the horizon that the new year will bring a more determined sense of urgency to the South African Climate Summit with the weather starting to go off the hook so to speak. The US is on the verge of making reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, although that will still be a political struggle for the Obama Administration, but after Washington DC, and the rest of the Atlantic Seaboard got socked with this latest storm, it may sway some reluctant politicians to change their minds.

The new attitudes that emerged from the Cancun Climate talks also were positive, in that they succeeded in at least some agreements. The world is changing rapidly, and we can hope that a new attitude and a new sense of urgency is adopted that will save us from major climate change issues down the road.

With a new attitude and sense of urgency in a relatively new path of energy will mean new investments, new jobs, and a safer, healthier environment for all of us. The economy may not be what we would like, but with a strong push towards a serious green energy program worldwide, it could bring much needed money and jobs to those who have been waiting for awhile. Let’s hope that the technology will advance and that it will become a major supplier of our new demands for energy and be able to meet those needs successfully.

Let us hope and pray that our next year will be a little better weather wise and that we can avoid serious natural disasters, and that we can keep man made disasters from happening altogether. We can be also thankful that 2010 wasn’t too bad and that we are alive and well, as things could have been much worse.

So as 2010 closes with as much bang as it came in on, we wish you a Happy New Year 2011, and hope that 2011 brings you all the success and prosperity in all your endeavors, and that you stay healthy, safe, and free from harms way! Peace my friends! Amen

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