What states have mandatory recycling?

I am doing a speech on mandatory recycling and I was trying to figure out which states had mandatory recycling and which didn’t. does anyone have any idea of where I could find a list of states that have mandatory recycling.


    • John M on April 24, 2010 at 9:47 am
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    Washington and CAl. do
  1. Connecticut
    Arkansas: law requires each state agency, state college or university, county, city, and public schools
    Kentucky: requires each local board of education to adopt a plan and procedures for recycling white paper and cardboard in all board owned facilities
    New Jersey: Since 1987
    Nevada: requires each school district to recycle paper and paper products
    New York: all public and private schools, institutions of higher education and any other educational facilities in new york state
    Pennsylvania All public and private schools.
    Minnesota just adopted a plan similar to Wisconsin’s if I am not mistaken

    Sources are vague for this topic. What I would also like to add is that there are differing opinions on this subject matter that go either way. Don’t be mistaken, recycling has become necessary with all the waste we produce. How we handle it is one of the major concerns with mandatory recycling. Many believe that only a few profit from the recycling, which may be true. Others claim it does more harm than good. While not enough true data is available, I know that we cannot continue to dispose of everything like we have done in the past, that is not an option and not sustainable with 6 billion people and growing on this planet. We need to make a good, well thought out long term plan that will benefit us for a very long term. Some recycling may create more toxins than it takes to produce them apparently, which is why we need to sit down and evaluate the whole process in detail and come up with a solution that can last for generations to come.

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