When Is Presidents Day 2011 It Is February 21 2011 A Brief History

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Can You Name Who Is In The Picture? Presidents Day 2011 It Is February 21 2011 A Brief History

When is Presidents Day 2011, while the observance of this federal holiday, which is on February 21 in 2011 by the way, or the third Monday in February for those whom are interested, is a national holiday, some, if not many may not even know how it came about. With George Washington’s Birthday falling on February 22nd, and Abraham Lincolns Birthday on February 12th, both of these were previously celebrated on those respective days before 1968. Washington’s birthday was a federal public holiday, and Lincoln’s birthday was observed as a public holiday in most states. Seeing as this made for two holidays that fell close to each other, and the day of the week was always changing, the 90th Congress of the US became determined in their quest to create the current system of holidays we have in that most federal holidays and observances fall on Mondays. They voted successfully to shift three existing holidays to Mondays, and that law went into effect in 1971, which in turn created the holiday to be celebrated on the third Monday in February. Most states adopted this shifted their state’s recognition of Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays to correspond with this new federal holiday, several states declined not to retain the federal holiday title including California, Texas, Tennessee, and Idaho, and renamed their state holiday for these two birthdays as Presidents’ Day.

From that point on, the term Presidents’ Day gradually caught on, primarily as a marketing phenomenon for the 3 day holiday weekend and week long sales for the same moniker. Today, the namesake, Presidents’ Day is now a common household name, and has been adopted by nearly everyone. The day should be for the honoring of the birthdays of President’s George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, however that has got cluttered up somewhat in the transformation to the current name. There are still many celebrations however which honor both of these great former leaders locally, and statewide, and even some federal agencies as well. The National Park Service features numerous historic sites and memorials that honor the lives of these two great leaders, including festivities on their respected birthdays at some of these locations. So for all of those whom are wondering what the heck this holiday is all about, there you have it. Happy birthday Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and Happy Presidents Day 2011 for all of us I imagine.

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