Why We Should Embrace Tranquility


Why We Should Embrace Tranquility, and no, it's not that sea on the moon in this reference

Tranquility, and no, it isn’t a sea on the moon either, at least in this instance, by the way, but does the word evoke images of waterfalls, gardens and butterflies, peaceful rivers, or shady woods for you? Does such a scene seem impossible for you to achieve? Some of us get stuck thinking that this can’t be achieved without these perfect, peaceful surroundings. While being able to get away to such a quiet place would be wonderful, it’s impossible for many.

But the good news is that it can be cultivated within. You don’t have to wait until you get to a special place geographically. You can build and cultivate that place within yourself.

Why Does Tranquility Matter?

A lack of serenity affects your personal and professional life. Without a calm, focused inner self you are more subject to emotional outbursts, missed opportunities due to anxiety and fear, and a host of other difficulties that may arise due to a lack of inner peace. Tranquility acts like an anchor, keeping you steady amid stormy circumstances.

How to Achieve Tranquility

* Meditation – Meditation is the art of “emptying yourself,” thus allowing your mind to rest naturally without invasive thoughts. In fact, the goal of meditation is to let the mind rest without any thoughts at all. Children and adults can benefit from meditation, and can use it to achieve true serenity and peace. It does not have to be associated with any religious practice, but it can be embraced by those who do practice a religion.

* Martial arts – Martial arts such as Tai Chi emphasize slow, deliberate, focused movements. Other martial arts, such as Kung Fu (Chinese), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), or Karate (Japanese) have different styles and movements. Nearly all martial arts, regardless of the speed or force of the moves, emphasize focus and self-control. Choose an art that is right for you and that gives you a sense of peace.

* Stretching – Stretching helps you learn how to calm the spirit by relaxing the body. Exercises such as Yoga or Pilates tone muscles and enhance your health (which is a key component of tranquility), but they also teach your muscles to relax. When you feel stress or anxiety coming on, you can call on your stretching techniques to get back to that place of tranquility.

* Key Phrases – Identify what makes you feel at peace. Is there a certain phrase, wise saying, or other words that bring you hope and peace? If so, write this phrase on index cards and place the cards around your house or office. Using a dry-erase marker, you can write the phrase on your bathroom mirror. You may want to make a piece of artwork out of the phrase, writing it decoratively, putting it in a frame, and hanging it where you will see it often.

We hope this helps you to find the tranquility that you are searching for!

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